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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

An idea whose time won't come

It's bad enough that we the people are burning up such huge chunks of time blogging and reading each other's blogs. Now some Joe Hill types are talking about organizing a bloggers' union!

I don't think the world is ready for that. If such an organization were ever established, it would probably turn out kind of like AAA. They'll come out and jump-start your blog when your scripts won't run, and maybe fix a busted link or two. But that's it. Group health insurance? For a group whose common attribute is spending way too much time in front of computer terminals? Doesn't seem likely.

Most importantly, if there's one thing bloggers don't seem to want to do, it's unite. The internet is a chaotic mess, and most of us seem to like it that way.

It's fun to think about the possibilities, though. If the bloggers' union went on strike, anyone who continued to post would be a scab. Daily Kos could be Jimmy Hoffa. Randy Leonard could be C├ęsar Chavez. (Wait, he already thinks that...) As Mother Jones? Why, Ann Althouse, of course.

Comments (7)

Glenn Reynolds could be George Pullman.

Could I be the arbitrator in the union grievance? I could return to blogdom all Imus-likenesses with back pay and seniority.

Anything that provides a nexus for group health insurance, given the mess that our system is in, is worth considering.

Castro would be so proud!

Why would anyone in their right mind trust the hypocrites at the Kos to organize anything?

That blog has deleted more incriminating evidence than Enron.

Castro would be so proud!

Huh? Leaving to one side the nonsensical content of this quote, what's wrong with you who are so threatened by the idea of people organizing around a community of interest? What's wrong with community? Community != Communism.

That blog has deleted more incriminating evidence than Enron.

Incriminating evidence of what? It's got plenty of evidence of the Bush Administrations' unrivaled incompetence--is that what you mean?

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