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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Is there some kind of siege going on in NE Portland?

There's enough helicopter noise over here right now to film an episode of "M*A*S*H."

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Isn't inner Portland wonderful that way? I've been in touch with teh Mayor's office and Commissioner Sten's office about this (I think it was Sten) and was told there's not a thing they can do as the hovering "news" choppers fall under FAA purview, preempted. I was told that yes, they are being bad citizens when they expose all of us to needless noise (not to mention burning a lot of kerosene), but there is nothing the city can do.

You can contact the rotorcraft association and make a complaint if you can identify the noisechopper (chances are Noisechannel 8 is one of them) and complain. According to the rotorcraft association, members must respond to complaints.

I have always (in jest, I assure you) pointed out to my neighbors that it would take only one SAM to take one out as an example to the others. In jest.

This issue is one of my pet peeves because they are invariably covering matters that can nine times out of ten be covered just as well from the ground ie. fire, police activity and the ever so thrilling traffic back up.

I no longer watch any local news, so it is doubly irritating to me as I never get to see the ten second snippet of video that usually results from as much as 45 minutes (I timed it when Platt Electric burned) of hovering helicopter racket.


They also routinely fly below the height at which they are supposed to fly in residential areas. When that guy over here put that anti-tram sign on his house, the KATU chopper was hovering barely over the tops of the buildings around Gibbs and Naito in order to gt its footage.

The LIARS Larson Rule set required limits that sky-spy incitement must fly, backed off.

Made law after LIARS radio-waved into car dashboards the address (he was watching at Paul Allen's KXL studio on the old FUXnews' peeping 'copter) and summoned drivers where Janice Weibel was carefully approaching a pot grower's house, a SWAT in progress, that got her killed.

Deranged TV-surveillance perverts are LIARS Troops.


FAA regs prescribe that aircraft stay at least 1000 ft AGL (above ground level) when flying over populated areas, UNLESS they are taking off or landing. Those big choppers look pretty big at 1000 feet, but if they are doing like b!X says you should call the FAA.

Those newschopper boys are pretty arrogant. They used to blast through the traffic pattern at Evergreen any which way they felt like it. Hot shots.


I want some of what you're smoking...
or dropping...
or shooting...
or drinking...

I believe Janice Weibel was the COUSIN of the woman cop killed that day. Janice Weibel worked at KPTV and being a family member managed to get into the hospital where her cousin was and then REPORTED what went on with family, etc. The family of the dead officer were of course enraged. I know this as I sat next to a Catholic priest who was related to the dead cop (possibly a brother) at a dinner less than a year later. He could barely control his rage at Janice Weibel and what she did.

Good use of fuel. The chopper was from KOIN6, covering the "breaking news" that a car had left NE Fremont and hit a house on "NE 31st". Figuring the feed would appear on the noon news, I flipped on the tube. Turned out to be an old VW bug, a bit mashed in front. Walking the dog later, I surveyed the wreck site, which I eventually located on NE 30th. The damage (at least to my eye): a bent shrub. Hope no one was hurt.

You're right, it was a cousin. I easily can have the 'Janice' switched. I'm sure the police officer was female, last name Weibel.

Someone must remember better, if I'm flakey on those facts.

But the central point is: LIARS aired the address with the operation in progress. He's watching on TV and talking into cars. Cars arrived and clogged the scene in progress. Subsequently, and drastically, all 'copter coverage media signed 'rules of engagement' cordoning approach distance and prohibiting 'live' air of 'special' emergency situations ... and 'special' was not defined in detail that I remember.

The media were crippled by LIARS insufferable unprincipled self-obsession. Many ostracized LIARS.

( He was high on intellectualism.
I've never been there, but the brochure looks nice.

-- Sheryl Crow, "Every Day is a Winding Road")

Tensk, dude...you need to lay off the grains for a while. And your infatuation with Lars Larson is bordering on the pathological.

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