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Monday, August 6, 2007

How to squander a perfectly good Friday night

Put on a monkey suit, go to the University Club, sit at tables with white tablecloths, breathe cigar smoke, and watch people boxing.

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In midsummer, no less.

Sounds like a good time :)

Actually, if they allowed the boxers to select a University Club member out of the audience and smack him around for a few minutes, it would be worth paying to see.

I second that. I worked there back in the 70's as a banquet waiter. I doubt if the member would feel a thing if they still drink like they did 30 years ago.

From the O's article: "There may be more business conducted here than City Hall," [general manager Robert] Parsons says. "But it's conducted in a social and informal fashion."

I thought the University and Arlington were the business of City Hall.

Indeed, informal.

Personally I have always found boxing disgusting...rather like dog fighting, except that in some cases the participants do freely chose to participate in the "sport".

There's just something so 'faux' about the whole thing.

I've been to the University Club several times 15 years ago or so, and I found it stuffy and stupid. And I agree with Anne - there's something barbaric about watching people whale on each other.

I think that many University Club members quietly wonder why the heck they're in there. Now they can tell themselves, "It's for the boxing dinner."

In my experience, the University Club has been very hospitable. I've certainly encountered several desperately seeking housewives from the sugar-powdered crust of Portland's affluent society, but only so far as the edges of the dance floor. I'm not sure what Anne means by "something barbaric about watching people whale on each other." My "dance partner" was not a "whale" by any conception of body-type, and I felt that whatever we were doing with each other, it was down a hall and well out of sight from the patrons of the event.

The University Club is for real estate; Arlington Club is for finance.

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