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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Houze never lets up

I love this one. A dentist and anesthesiologist who's reportedly hopped up on three different mind-bending drugs darn near wipes out a family of pedestrians with his car, and his lawyer's tugging at our heartstrings over how the wacked-out driver's family must feel:

Haymore — a Portland-area dentist and anesthesiologist — struck the family as they walked down the sidewalk on Salamo Road in West Linn, according to police reports. The crash came after Haymore smacked into a van in the nearby Starbucks parking lot and ran over a tree. Haymore told police that he was using a combination of Ambien, Prozac and Demerol at the time of the collision, said Bryan Brock, deputy district attorney in Clackamas County....

Haymore is still out of state in a residential treatment program, said Stephen Houze, Portland criminal defense attorney representing Haymore.

“This is a very trying time for all the family,” Houze said.

Ya know what, Steve? It's bad news having someone with drug problems in your household, but at this particular time, I'm gonna save my sympathy for somebody else -- like the people the doctor almost killed.

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Hey, this is just the game Houze plays with all his defendants, I'm surprised he didnt trot out something like this when he defended Damon.

No, it's not cool. Another thing is him probably being hopped up when he was working on patients.

As you know (but may have momentarily spaced out on) a lawyer's number one loyalty is to his client. Right now he's trying to save his client's bacon-- his liberty and his career. The only question is whether him these comments helps or hurts in that regard. He must think they help.

I would have gone with Mike Starpoli; Humorless, but very effective. I doubt he would try this spin.

I'm not sure the good Doc is going to get any sympathy given his higher degree of knowledge regarding drugs and impairment.

"Gee, you Honor, I was too high to formulate the intent..."

I'm sure the Board of Med Examiners won't be impressed either.

I've been away from Portland for a few
years. Is Norm Sepenuk still in practice?
Used to be he was one of the go-to guys
if you had serious criminal charges, particularly federal white collar.

Given his specialized training in anesthesialogoy, he certainly knew that his cocktail of (presumably prescription) medications would render him incapable to drive.

If he prescribed them to himself, his medical license should be suspended or worse. I would bet $10 that a blood/hair test would reveal some non-prescription meds too.

He's going to find it very difficult to purchase medical malpractice or auto insurance in the future. I don't feel sorry for him, but his family is likely blameless and will suffer along with him.

That said, I feel much greater empathy for the family that was injured by the doctor/dentist/druggie.

Norm Sepenuk is now spending a lot of his time in The Hague working at the World Court. Defending, I think. As a volunteer, I think. He still has an office in Portland.

Oh come on. It IS, undoubtedly, a very trying time for Haymore's family. "Hey kids, Dad is going to go live in a treatment facility for a while because he likes to eat tranquilizers and go for a drive."

Still, what a cocktail. Prozac aside, (no recreational value as far as I know) Ambien is a really powerful sleep aid and demorol is a pretty powerful painkiller. Together you'd just be whacked. Good luck with this one, Steve...

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