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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Here's your new pickup

Have fun with the owner's manual.

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I suppose smell bad randy will be the dealer and the city will buy 150 of 'em.

E-GAS, BORGWARNER Company’s advanced four wheel drive system make manipulation arbitrary.

If they've got the arbitrary manipulation down already, I think nothing will stop them.

"Brilliant achievements in their careers enjoy life passion"

I couldn't have said it any better. Perhaps finest of graduate academy marketing for China all?

It reads like the assembly manual for my bbq grill.

There are Chinese who speak very good English. Maybe the Chinese outsourced developing the manual to India?

"...infiltrating with the desire to conquer all from inside to outside."

Uh oh, I don't like the way that sounds...

The above comments sound exactly like the bricks thrown at Datsun and Toyota in the late '60s.

sound exactly like the bricks thrown at Datsun and Toyota in the late '60s.

Better than the bombs thrown at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

As much as I absolutely hate, fear, and despise the evil Communist Chinese government...my Mom was heavily involved in the Tibetan refugee movement when I was younger...at least they are offering what looks to be a modern Diesel engine.

Why would anyone choose to power a truck with a gasser nowadays ?

I say that as someone who grew up taking gasoline engines apart, fine-tuning them, etc. The gasoline motor is totally outmoded at this point...no one in Europe in their right minds attempts to haul anything with anything other than a Diesel, and more and more Americans are finally catching up.

I was hoping that the "common rail and diesel system" meant that I could run it on rail tracks to beat the traffic crush.

Isaac, can you imagine trying to pass on the max line??

Am I missing something? This is advertising copy, not the owner's manual.

I would like to see and inspect one of these vehicles.

Matt, you're right, of course. But they probably have the same guy translating the owner's manual as translating the ad copy.

Ok, but they're not a publishing house. But I still want to see the car.

Nissan or perhaps a Chinsan?

Great, just what we need; more imports.

Sent this to my daughters who are currently in Beijing studying Chinese. They've seen the Great Wall, but have they seen the Great Wall Motor Company?

You should read todays Wall Street Jounral about the China "Chery" car and its crash test results. Even Russia is asking China to remove the car from the road.

First question of a car from China is whether it is safe.

What are you talking about? Much safety achievement becomes fulfilled.

Travis B, I figured on sticking to the freight tracks. The old SP run from Lake O to North Macadam would be a fine way to beat the crush on Highway 43, as its only train traffic is on weekends.

The names of some of their other vehicles crack me up! Anyone look at those?
Their SUV is called the "Safe" and another pickup is the "So Cool!"

Too funny!

Great, just what we need; more imports.

Ed, if you believe that the domestic auto companies would solve their problems if only the imports would go away, you haven't been paying attention much over the past 40 or 50 years.

You should read todays Wall Street Journal about the China "Chery" car and its crash test results. Even Russia is asking China to remove the car from the road.

Interesting... I just read an article today about Chinese clones and that the "Chery" subcompact outsells the "Chevy" car they copied 5 to 1.

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