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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fright night

I like to stay up late and catch the news stories of the morning as soon as they're posted, shortly after midnight. But after reading this column by Nick Budnick of the Trib, I have likely wrecked any chance of a good night's sleep.

Which is scarier?
Mike Schrunk for another four years
District Attorney Lisa Naito
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UPDATE, 8/17, 1:51 p.m.: I am reliably informed that although Budnick's e-mail address appears at the end of that column, the Trib's "Sources Say" feature is co-written by a number of different staffers.

Comments (9)

NEITHER- How about someone who has not spent the last 20 years as a politicL TOADY

Until Schrunk steps down, noone will make a serious run at it. My guess: Schrunk runs, steps down in a couple of years, and lets his successor have a chance to run the ship for a couple of years before running as an incumbent...

Interesting that the name being floated for handpicked successor is Underhill, not Frink.

EWWWwwwww(Yuck). I'll pray we'll some public revelations that will boot both of them out. Is this an accurate example of Hobson's Choice?

I'd love to say good riddance to both Mafia Mike and the mean girl whose ex has a street named after him.

Now, now. It's named after her late ex-father-in-law.

I don't know if I'd agree with the "Mafia" moniker, but I do think it's a colossally bad idea to have the same D.A. for 26 years, and that's what we've got in Mike.

I thought it was interesting what Steve Duin said in his column this morning about Schrunk running the show. But I don't see it that way: I think Schrunk himself is being run-by the usual suspects: the West Hills crowd and some of the "Best and Brightest", including a criminal defense lawyer or 3.

Whenever Schrunk steps down it will be Norm Frinks job...not sure if that is good or bad.

Mean Girl Naito for DA? Yikes! So, afer she and her Mean Girl colleagues tear the county apart and make it a laughing stock, we're now to consider her a serious candidate for the top law enforcement officer of the county? Dear God!

Interesting. Lisa Naito has trumpeted her law enforcement and public safety bona fides in past elections -- I remember a mailing from her campaign with endorsements from Bernie Giusto and Mike Schrunk (misspelled Shrunk, unfortunately).

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