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Friday, August 17, 2007

Fighting panic with panic?

Looks like the Fed is becoming as volatile as the market. Hope it works.

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This is terrible news. Jack, Americans will not ever change if the Feds and others keep making it easy for them. This shows, to me, that the feds (much like PDX) are willing to do much more for those in power then they're willing to give to poor and lower class people. Sad sad sad. On a positive note, I am betting a big hedge (heh) that the numbers drop even more despite this big influx. Maybe not this week or next but soon.

P.S. - I bet the feds borrowed that cash from China...who was just recently threatening to stifle our economy by cashing the money owed to them.

"No new taxes" -- that's all that matters any more.

And remember folks...
The Chimp has an MBA, so everything will be just fine!
Don't worry...be happy, and keep shopping.

Averting a credit/liquidity crisis sparked by subprime defaults benefits wealthy investors? The recent performance of equity markets is only symptomatic of the underlying dislocation of credit markets: the Fed wasn't trying to prop up the equity markets; rather, trying to unplug the credit markets.

Would you prefer the Federal Reserve just stand by and watch while the spillover effects brings down a few large banks? This is clearly within the Federal Reserve's defined area of responsibility.

Hoping the economy will lurch into recession is hardly patriotic, even if we are entering an election year.

If anything, continued access to credit benefits the poor/credit challenged much more than the rich. The rich generally don't lose their homes if they can't refi their mortgage; not so with the non-rich.

Bush deserves as much credit for the current economic outlook as he does for the highest homeownership rates in U.S. History, low unemployment, and widespread access to broadband.

If you believe he's omnipotent when stock prices are falling or oil prices are rising, you've got to give him a nod when the reverse is true.

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