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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Farewell to the Northwest Music Millennium

The famed house of sounds on NW 23rd Avenue in Portland closes Friday, but not without a nice sendoff. Lots of memories in there. We must redouble our resolve to spend some dough every now and then in their surviving store, on East Burnside just outside the Laurelhurst gate.

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The House of Sound was a Jazz Record store on Williams Ave., one block North of Russell and I yet have a few albums purchased from the biz.

Thanks for the reminder as I just might dig them out. But where to start looking?

Hope people patronize the remaining record/music stores still operating. Now that Tower Records is long gone, these shops won't be around forever.

Music Millenium has been a true supporter of the rock scene in Portland for decades. It advertised with KJ Doughton's "NW Metal" (KJ is the unsung hero who discovered Metallica), "Metal Mania" (Ron Quintania, the other unsung hero), and "The Plague" (another underground zine). They helped local music and in a small way promoted the careers of Tommy Thayer (Portland guitarist now in KISS), Dean Castronova (Salem drummer now in Journey), Quarterflash, Dan Reed, Everclear, Dandy Worholls, Poison Idea, and many more. They stock local artists like Floater, Smooch Knob, Wild Dogs, etc. I buy all my CDs at Music Millenium. You should, too.

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