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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

E Street Band tour!

But alas, no Pacific Northwest stop, this year at least. There's a Friday night show in Oakland, Oct. 26; it's a one-nighter, like the whole schedule released today. Tickets for that one go on sale two weeks from Saturday.

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There's a free song from the new album up on iTunes today. It grinds out the rock, but it's a one-layer cake.

no Pacific Northwest stop

It's probably for the best.

The new tune cannot possibly suck enough.

The Guy is Old, even Nolan Ryan,and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had to retire.

The new tune cannot possibly suck enough.

I remember when the "Devils and Dust" album came out -- the single they released to start the publicity campaign ("All I'm Thinkin' About is You") was even more atrocious.

If I can make a suggestion, The Hold Steady are playing The Crystal on November 5. It's methadone compared to the E-Streeters, but its soooo good.

I don't care what it sounds like. If they're playing, I'm going. Road trip anyone???

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