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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

David's still at it

A reader writes:

Hi. This morning (8/15/07) this dude approached me asking if I was familiar with Welches. He said he was in construction and his truck got stolen. He was becoming very aggressive with me, putting his hands on my car. I ended up leaving, unharmed. I didn't realize that he was a wanted man. I saw him at NE 10th and Couch, near lower Burnside.
Since no one in authority cares about this story, there's a bad ending forthcoming. It's just a matter of time.

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Another reader notes:

My boyfriend gave this guy a buck on the broadway bridge last night. He was
working people with the truck story, and kept telling me "to look at his
eyes" so I could see he was telling the truth. What an ass! The only reason
we thought he was fake was the fact that he reeked of booze. Nothing like a
pleasant stroll on a summer evening.

It's been 7 years now, but I'm pretty sure this guy was at it back in 2000 even with the same story. I was visiting a Russian church in Gresham when after the service this guy (or at least someone who looks remarkably like him, though he was clean shaven) came in and told the deacon a story about a broken truck and needing to get back to his town.

It's been so long and I wasn't paying enough attention that I don't think I could say for certain he said he was from Welches, but whoever it was got about 50 dollars from the deacon and a few other people that night.

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