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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Costly kicks: about $1,700 apiece

Robert Bedgood, the Portland fire lieutenant who lost his cool in the infamous kicking episode of last winter, has been busted down to the rank of firefighter for a year. He'll lose $5200 in salary, have to do anger management, etc. A bunch of firefighters are getting extra training to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

Bedgood's lucky that he got off without criminal charges and more serious disciplinary action. On the other hand, the public is lucky that there were security cameras rolling when he went into his macho rage, and that the tape wound up on the internet, because if that hadn't happened, he probably would have talked his way right out of it.

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So he basically paid a $5200 penalty and then takes work time for some classes he'll doze thru. Otherwise PERS and other benes the same?

The govt world is sure diff from the real world, ain't it?

"That would be throwing the baby out with the bath water. . . . We value the investment that we have in Lt. Bedgood. It's thousands and thousands of dollars."

Leaving aside Oswalt's wonderful mixture of metaphors, he seems to have left out the operative one...

...about throwing good money after bad.

Otherwise PERS and other benes the same?

Firefighters are under FPDR, not PERS

Taking good care of our own..another case of them against us. Cops have known to beat hell out of citizens filming them in action. Even in one's home they smash cameras and quote laws that don't exist about illegal filming.
I guess that will be the mantra of the fire dept., too.
In a private setting this bum would be fired post haste.

With a $10,000 settlement, Mr DeGeorge should be able to pay his back rent! That, and for some anger management classes. After all, he started this mess.

he started this mess.

Not an excuse.

Criminal charges? You're kidding, right? The cops and firemen or any government employee basically have immunity from prosecution, and they know it. Otherwise, why would they do this sh*t?

Ask Officers Humphreys and Nice about the benefits - gettin' your rocks off beatin' the crap out of defenseless people. Now Bedgood is in a different category with this victim; I'd love to see him mano-a-mano with DeGeorge - shoot, I'd pay $5200 to see that.

I'll bet I could sell tickets...

...a lot of tickets.

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