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Friday, August 31, 2007

Con man's got company

A reader writes:

Like your blog.

Anyway, in December, 2004, days after I separated from my wife (when she said, "As far as I'm concerned, this relationship is over"--Merry Christmas), I would console myself by going to the Old Lompoc.

One night, feeling especially sorry for myself and seeing Christmas lights, a man came up to me.

His truck broke down. He was trying to get back to Welches. They stole his tool box. Give me your e-mail address. Have some faith in humanity.

Um, and so on.

Line for effing line.

I gave the bastard $40 and congratulated myself on finding someone more miserable than I was. By God, I was a Good Samaritan.

Six months later, I see and hear the guy in front of the downtown Nordstrom, speed-rapping his way through the spiel with a yuppie couple who had kids in tow.

Until that moment, I thought that the guy was legit.

I walked up to them and said, "This guy is a con artist. Run!" or something like that.


Are you familiar with the little old lady in front of Nordstrom? She, too, is particularly insidious. She looks like your perfect little gramma with cookies baking not far away. VERY sincere.

Another one bites the dust.


Comments (15)

I have seen the lady in front of Nordstrom's for years. I think the first time I gave her money, but caught on to her scam. Sometimes she has a cane and other times not. One time I saw her carrying her cane (not faking it) as she was in a hurry to get somewhere.

Oh you youngsters, Many a draft I drank at the " New old Lompoc". Can't remember the street now the way to Ross Island Bridge, across from labor temple. Haven't been back to that area in many years.

The little old lady in front of Nordstrom has been around quite a while. I see her often. She is quite a piece of work, carefully crafted I think.

Granny Nordstrom is definitely on the make. I've seen her depositing the cash into an account at BofA, so at least it's not all going into her veins.

Maybe she's just trying to supplement her Social Security income? Maybe it's just too easy to milk Portland's caring citizens, and he can't help herself?

Maybe she's a lifetime grifter?

By the way, jack, you might want to re-arrange the banners on the left. On my browser with its default view brings up the banner fo John Edwards complete, with just the top bit of your banner about the con artist. The overall effect looks like:

Do not give
money to
this man.
Highly amusing, but probably not exactly what you have in mind. :-)

Alan, what browsers are you using? I've got Firefox and IE in Windows XP, and the jpg files display fine in both.

Maybe people with your browser shouldn't give money to John Edwards.


Safari on a 17" iMac. Technically speaking it displays correctly. It's just a humorous coincidence, not a rendering failure.

At my particular screen resolution, when I'm scrolled all the way to the top of the page, the page scrolls out of the default browser window beween the line "to this man" and David's photo. So at first glance "Do not give money to this man" appears with only one photo, and that's Edwards'. A similar green in both graphics makes it look sorta on purpose, too.

Seperating the two images by any other element would spoil the effect. (Which would be kind of a shame, since it's pretty funny.)

That woman in front of Nordstroms has burned bridges at many social service organizations. She has abused services in various ways. Sadly, she needs help, but getting handouts is not going to do it.


Here's what Alan was talking about (screen shot, Firefox / Mac)


Gerry, now that I look at the link you sent, I see exactly what the problem is.

Hmmm....try that link again.

Maybe it's the ad blocker you're using...

Ah, I remember the old grandma lady. She drives me nuts because I always turn around for her. Years ago, she used to work NW 21st and 23rd, but now I see her in front of Henry's Tavern on a regular basis.

You aint't seen anything until you've witnessed these sharpies in action on the streets of Reno and Las Vegas. Their sob stories are so convincing they will bring tears to your eyes, and make you want to write them into your will, so as to better shelter and protect them after you're gone.

Sometimes these people simply enjoy the manipulation of others and find getting a free pack of cigarettes is atleast a psychological reward to them. They can spend an entire day trying to scam people and simply be thrilled by the attempts. It is a lifestyle they have chosen because it benefits them financially and psychologically. They work at their craft and they really like it.

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