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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Can't say as I blame him

Here's a heartfelt argument in favor of Measure 49 by blogger Brian Hines down in south Salem.

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I will likely vote for M49. But I don't think the problem of unreasonable development decisions will be solved by any "quick-fix" measure. Imho, there needs to be a dialog-and news media coverage-of the short-sighted decision-making processes that benefit a few at the expense of what might be called the greater public good. I've seen that greed and land scams are so historically entrenced and still endemic, that the professionals who otherwise might expose them-lawyers and journalists-so far haven't been able to do so . I remember when I used to read the "Media Insider's" blog. I once commented about a particularly egregious scam I know about. The response was "only nutcakes think that happened". Where is the investigative spirit that would ask to see the actual evidence? Imho, people need to stop focusing on personalities and "right v. left" and start caring more about facts and process. Otherwise, I think it eventually will dawn on most people that we're sc*ewed.

Poor Brian!

Hey, where's MY lake?

rr, I'm sorry you don't have a lake. Actually, I don't either. Well, I've got 1/85 of a lake, more or less.

We live in a 1970's era development that was far-sighted enough to include a 9 acre commonly owned lake in its plans.

Which has senior rights to the water that flows down Spring Creek into Spring Lake. Much, if not most, of that water probably comes from the land under the planned Measure 37 subdivision.

The independent expert hired by Marion County was quite concerned about that. He said that the subdivision's wells could suck up a big percentage of the water that comes out of the springs, and thence into Spring Lake.

He wanted more information before the Measure 37 subdivision went forward. Test wells. Aquifer boundary determinations. Figure out whether faults were barriers or conduits to water flow.

Makes sense. But the two county commissioners said from their Measure 37 loving throne, "Who cares? Let them drink dust and swim in dirt."

Wish you had a lake too. Everyone should have one. Even 1/85 of one.

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