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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bush's finest moment

He's had so many achievements, it's hard to pick one. But X-ray surveillance of your bedroom has to be right up there. (Don't worry -- Clarence Thomas is watching out for your constitutional rights.)

To our children: I'm sorry, kids. Some of us tried to speak out.

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China is doing the same thing.
Big Brother really is watching now andin real time.
Scary and sad, and all in the name of "security'???

"We can give total assurance" that Americans' civil liberties will be protected, Allen said. "Americans shouldn't have any concerns about it."


Big brother has grown obese consuming all our privacy rights, never sleeps, and now apparently sports x-ray specs as well. Meanwhile the administration pushes for less transparency/accountability all in the name of national security borne of paranoia/fear justified by terror both real and imagined. Welcome to life in a dysfunctional democracy. Truly a victory for terrorism.

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