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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Barrels of blood either way

The Chimp says that if we pull out of Iraq, there will be untold death and destruction.

And exactly how will that be different from what's going on there now, except that we won't have American kids dying and being maimed along with the locals?

There will never be another stable central government in Iraq, other than a dictatorship. "Free Iraq"? Please, Bush, stop proving what a sick liar you are. Sooner or later, there will be a bloodbath in that land far beyond what we've seen so far. It's inevitable. You moved it up by about 30 years. Rather than bankrupt the United States any further, you should just let it happen and get it over with.

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Two observations on the Hypocrisy Richter Scale:
1. Here's a man whose illegal war based on lies has killed hundreds of thousands of people, and suddenly he's concerned about a bloodbath?
2. He's now spinning so hard that he's arguing we never should have left Vietnam, a war he went out of his way to avoid personally, and one that took 55,000 American lives.

This is the sickest, darkest farce in human history. The only thing the terrorists regret is that President Bush can't serve another term. 4 more years and this twisted moron could bring America down.


Now, now. The surge is working. Hillary said so. Brian Baird said so. General Petraeus will say so in just a few days. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Its obvious the Iraq gubmint doesnt need us, especially after the PM said "we can find friends elsewhere." Screw 'em.

"This is the sickest, darkest farce in human history."

That is the most extreme example of hyperbole in human history.

Really, Salvador? If you can think of a sicker, darker farce than this fire away. What is your pick? First, let's review: We have the mediocre son of an established political family who would be lucky to get a job running a Dairy Queen if he wasn't named Bush. The guy is the Paris Hilton of American Politics partying away with an empty-headed determination till he hits his 40s. He suddenly gets a calling to be President, and from his first "election" that his brother rigs in Florida, he proceeds to turn most of the world against America, and turn our economic national security over to China. He also tramples on the Constitution, and does everything in his power to set up a modern day monarchy not seen since that other King George. It would be one thing if he used his cravings for absolute power for brilliant moves, but he gets us into a disastrous war in which all the many reasons turn out to be wrong. His most famous policy is called the Bush Doctrine - a doctrine of preemptive strikes which is at complete odds with the religion he flaunts, so he goes on to get hundreds of thousands of people killed. He thinks it's his right to kill whenever and whomever he wants. See: "Thou shalt not kill" for a differing opinion. But it's the little details that really bring the story to life: His falls off his bicycle, and his inability to speak off the cuff without sounding like a drunken idiot. Not to mention the record setting amounts of vacation time. If you can think of a darker farce than this fire away. If my claim is hyperbole it should be easy. One last thing: The thousands of tons of depleted uranium he drops on Iraq have a half life of 4.5 billion years.

Finally, I can think of a better example of hyperbole in seconds. When his supporters compare him to Winston Churchill.

I'm not even going to try to counter that rambling tyrade except to point out that when you claim he was the "Paris Hilton" of politics who suddenly decided to become President, you conveniently forget that he was also the twice elected Governor of the second most populated State in the Union. What were his predecessor's credentials before he was elected?

Salvador out.

Wow, I'm impressed with both Jack's original post and Bill's response. But I can't go as far as Jack in asserting that the Chimp is a "sick liar." He's sick, that's for sure, and that's why I don't think he's a liar. He really believes that the US can prevail in Iraq and establish a stable, effective democratic government there.

I've seen his type in government before: their perceptions of the world a just a little off. Not enough off so that they end up on the psychiatrist's couch or in a mental institution, but enough off that they can do a lot of damage to humanity when they attain positions of power. They really believe they have superior knowledge and judgment, and they really believe the course they are taking, even if it is unpopular, is the right one. It can take the public years to discover that something's wrong, but by that time, they've already established themselves and done a lot of damage.

We just gotta hold on for another 17 months and hope that the Congress keeps the chimp from undertaking any other grandiose adventures. And we'd better hope that the prez's health holds up, because his comrade and successor, Cheney, has an even more distorted view of the world.

Sorry. It's impossible to take anyone seriously who thinks Bush "lied" us into war. What a crock.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, either Bush is a master manipulator and was able to completely bamboozle congress, or congress was in on the "lie."

I take it you think 9/11 was an inside job, Bill?

Doug in SW. Great description of Portland City Govt also. Reminds me of Sam the Sham, who would be Mayor.

Chris, that's a nice classic diversion question. At least we're not arguing about whether Vietnam was a mistake. Anything to avoid the central question in Iraq and it isn't whether or not we can win. It's, "What are we trying to win?" To read the talking points set, you'd think we just have to finish up with a victory so we can get out of there. That was never the plan, and the permanent bases prove it. So we are stuck with waiting for the People of Iraq to accept us as permanent occupiers. Good luck with that. That's the Neo-Con plan - the one we're being diverted from discussing in this vague spin about winning or losing. Meanwhile, the dark farce continues as Cheney and the chicken hawks of war pull desperately at their leashes, and beg to attack Iran, with of course no real thought as to where that might lead.
Salvador, you claimed that one statement I made was hyperbole. You should try backing that up with an example proving I'm wrong. One hint: Some of the Roman emperors were extremely farcical failures much like our President. But, of course, they didn't have nuclear weapons.

Allan L.:"The surge is working."

There seem to be some indications that it is. But remember, success for the "surge" means "breathing space" for the Iraqi government to "get its shit together". The surge can work just fine and still leave a horrible mess in Iraq. Ultimately this is a political problem which for the most part must be solved by Iraqis.

Of course, it's largely a problem of Bush's making. It's interesting that he's using this particular comparison. Maybe he's finally realized that the majority of this blood is on his hands? That should the disasters he predicts if we withdraw come to pass, history will for the most part blame him?

Better late than never, I guess.

Salvador: "That is the most extreme example of hyperbole in human history."

It was until you topped it. :-)

Chris McMullen: "[...] Bush is a master manipulator and was able to completely bamboozle congress [...]"

Signs point to yes. Of course, part of the problem was that Saddam Hussein successfully hid the destruction of his WMD from practically everyone, and the Bush administration bought his bluff. (Although ironically it seems UNSCOM had it right all along.) But the linking of Iraq to 9/11 was nearly pure fiction, and neither this country nor Congress would have supported going to war had the administration not pushed very hard for it using that lever. He may not have lied, but he certainly manipulated classified information to his own advantage.

MROC 44: "Great description of Portland City Govt also."

Not to mention Bill Sizemore, Kevin Mannix, and Lon Mabon. :-)

We see, feel, and (unfortunately) taste the shower of blood taking place in the mid-east, yet grow complacent at the mere suggestion of an imaginary blood bath which might result from withdrawal. Why? We fear things might get worse. Don't let fear paralyze action - purge the surge. We need to re-discover the meaning of democracy in our own country not seek to export it to another. What I can't wrap my mind around is why we the people seem so damn immobile in the face of the sheer arrogance which our foreign relations resonate to the rest of humanity??? Let's elect leaders who reflect those values we need to embrace to help advance humanity. Humility, integrity, wisdom, transparency and true concern for the plight of all people and nature. If our leaders possess those values and act on them, our policies will follow. Our image will fall in line with our actions. Complacency borne of fear and comfort aint gonna get it done.

Sal, as Molly Ivins tried explaining to people, the job of Governor in Texas is like the job of President in a parliamentary government -- he cuts ribbons and attends funerals and that's about it. Saying that Bush was qualified for the Presiduncy because he was Texas Governor is like saying Paris Hilton is qualified to be CEO of Hilton Hotels because she knows a lot of the top people in the company.

Here's some thoughts on what we need to be doing with respect to this clown:


Bill, are we also "permanent occupiers" of Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and any other country we have permanent bases in?

George: "Saying that Bush was qualified for the Presiduncy because he was Texas Governor is like saying Paris Hilton is qualified to be CEO of Hilton Hotels..."

No, its like saying being Governor of Texas is every bit as much a qualification for the Presidency as being Governor of a small, impoverished Southern State that ranked next to last in education.

Ah yes, invoke 9/11, make illogical comparisons (bases in Korea?), and Bill Clinton (he's to blaim right?) as to the rational for invading Iraq. Desperate people must fall on desperate accusations to try to prove a point.

That's my take, too: Desperate rightwing voices. No sound the voices make makes sense, absolute bu!!sh!!, dredging up the buried soundbite lies that died years ago with brains gripped on.

Desperately repeating LOUDER and desperately repeating again over and looonnnngger a second time reiterating duplicates another time, and so forth, and so there.

Too bad people who missed it can't go back and hear LIARS Larson's apoplexy today. The tens of millions just keeps growing, who recognize that Nine Eleven Op was a hoax. Bu!!sh!! criminals did it; there were no terrorists after all. LIARS and the rabid rightwing keep trying to stop people from recognizing the Truth, and the more the LIARS talk -- Dumbo saying Iraq is Vietnam, for instance -- the more people see that the Truth is the opposite of every. thing. LIARS. say. Anyway, LIARS poopypants went almost two hours saying, 'everybody else is wrong. I don't believe it. I don't believe it. LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALALA. Shut up. Just shut up.'

It was a laugh riot. My favorite, despite the coffee it shot out my nose, was LIARS quote: "I read the NIST report and it explains how (W.T.C.) Building 7 came down," which is two lies in one breath.

Desperation is like fever, you can see the faces turning ember red just before the fire goes out.

Jack, here's a topic two-fer.

All those magnet stick-on 'ribbons' people bought at MalWart and convenience stores, the yellow ones and the red white and blue curliques, were made in China, (a topic of complaints).

So as people in mass turn against Bu!!sh!!, everyone can take the 'ribbons' back -- there should be a product recall -- and get the money back.

Tenskwatawa, just a suggestion. A Coherent rant - albeit generally ineffective in getting one's point across - is infinitely more effective than the incoherent rant.

"Tenskwatawa, just a suggestion."

New here, huh? :-)

Sorry. It's impossible to take anyone seriously who thinks Bush "lied" us into war.

Let's not stop there. People who refer to Bush as "The Chimp" automatically forfeit the argument too.

"Sorry. It's impossible to take anyone seriously who thinks Bush "lied" us into war.

Let's not stop there. People who refer to Bush as "The Chimp" automatically forfeit the argument too.

Zeb, todd, & Sal,

Chill out and let the zoo have their little rant. It is entertaining to watch. Especially Tenskwat, even Nineskwat, when he shows up. But ol' Bill takes the cake today.

Keep it coming, I love it!

Harry, you really think you're superior to the rest of us, don't you? You're another human being who is hopelessly delusional.

"You're another human being who is hopelessly delusional."

Don't be so sure.

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