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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Alberto wasn't lying

It depends on what your definition of "program" is.

Meanwhile, Karl Rove's going to refuse to show up and answer a congressional summons. No one's going to round these people up and lock them up, folks. Impeachment really is the only solution.

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I've had a personal breakthrough regarding Alberto Gonzales. I'm past the rage and I now find the guy to be hilarious. He's our Iraqi Minister of Information - someone who is a real-time parody of himself. Frankly, I'm going to miss the little bastard when they put him in prison. And please spare me about how serious this is. I know all that but anyway you can find to endure the last year and a half of these weasels, I would recommend taking. I also loved when Dick Cheney rose to Alberto's defense, assuring us that he had been truthful in his testimony. Do these guys have any clue how ridiculous they seem? And that includes Congress with their offer to let Gonzales "amend his testimony". If I could write comedy like that, I'd be rich.

Tops, Bill!

The American public doesn't seem to care what this administration does, so why should Congress? There is no outrage from the public or press. I don't know how this crew gets away with it.

Jeez. They even kinda look similar. I think you're on to something.

The Portland public doesn't seem to care what local officials do, so why should the auditors or State Attorney General? There is no outrage from the public or press. I don't know how this crew gets away with it.

It's because the Democrats are spineless. They just want to get re-elected and they're concerned that if they take a stand on this issue, it might make some people not like them.

Oh Bill...that is THE best.
I am glad you haven't abandoned the blogosphere entirely!
We need you!

So many dimmos thought Pelosi had balls, nope just cramps. Why the fear to impeach these criminals? I hope Cindy Sheehan beats the pants off of the big mouth. About testicles, Reid lost his many years ago, best to vote against all incumbents, time to clean house and senate. Let's get rid of the eunuchs..

I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I've been outraged since before Dumya took orifice.

I called for the impeachment of the Supreme Five for violating the Constitution and breaching their judicial "principles" in the bargain when they appointed Dumya to office in the judicial coup of 2000.

I've repeatedly called for the impeachment of Dumya, but switched to recommending that Dickhead Cheney be impeached first when I realized that getting rid of the dummy would place the ventriloquist in control.

I've called for the impeachment of Gonzales.

Earl the Pearl must be getting tired of my constant emails pointing out the travesties in governance over the past seven years.

That's the way it's supposed to work, isn't it? Are you folks doing the same? Have you any other suggestions?

(By the way, I note that Bloominghour is part of the cadre now calling for the House Judiciary Committee to begin impeachment investigations on Gonzales. Hey, it's too far down the train of authority, but it's a start.)

And, I don't give the "but they'll be gone in a little over a year", or "what's the point in starting impeachment proceedings at this time?" dissembling. The point is that this administration has repeatedly and arrogantly violated the principles and specifics of the US Constitution and need to be answerable for it...if for no other reason than to make it clear to future presidential administrations that such travesties will not be countenanced.

I agree. They don't get "a year-and-a-half" of us "enduring." That's the same logic of a battered wife enabling a wife-beater. NO!



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