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Monday, July 2, 2007

Where your money goes

Portlanders, as Sam the Tram whines about how he's out of money for basic street maintenance, and you gasp at your astronomical sewer bills from Big Pipe and the sanitation bureaucrats, do you ever wonder where they're burning your property tax dollars?

Now it's easy. The O lets you point, click, and see where those tax revenues are going. Quite the public service. (Via Bob Miller.)

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Yeah, but it would have been nicer had they attached a dollar figure to each one of them.

What a good idea. It may not be of as much interest to that side of the river. But here's a Vancouver version I've been piecing together lately.


Not to mention the $33,000 just wasted on three new Smart Cars when they'll be coming out in 1008 for $11,000 less than they paid for them (a 40% price drop).

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