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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

When a water tank is just a water tank

The City of Portland's idea to open up space around some of its municipal water tanks for park usage is apparently leading to some confusion... and apparently, a new fence or two.

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So far it's only one fence and we are putting it as close to the tank as is reasonable so that we aren't fencing off “green space”. It is a nice spot up there, but it is isolated and doesn’t have easy access. To get there, you have to pass through property that is not ours. Security there has been a challenge. There have been a number of homeless camps established over the years.

Our primary goal here is to make our tank less vulnerable to tagging. Unfortunately, unlike many of our residential properties, there are no neighbors living across the street from this tank who can call and tell us when there is some suspicious activity going on.
Contrast that with our first HydroPark at Texas Tank where neighbors asked us for a bucket of paint to keep on hand to cover over the graffiti as quickly as it shows up.

Our goal is to be a good neighbor, a responsible steward of our resources and avoid sending mixed messages at the same time. Putting up fences is not our first option any more.


I applaud what you guys are doing with the tanks. As a tag cleaner-upper, I feel your pain.

Interesting. It seemed to me that Portland saw taggers as part of the "creative class?" I always thought it was vandalism...

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