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Monday, July 30, 2007

Uh oh

The chief justice had a serious-sounding medical event today.

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Let us all hope god calls him home NOW!


Way to keep up the 'class' of the left. Ironically, it will probably be my comment that gets deleted from this site.

I don't like the Chief Justice or his politics which I believe have entirely infused his judicial opinions and shifted the court to the partisan right. I also believe that he lied during the confirmation process and concealed his true partisan colors (poorly concealed, but the cowed Congress went along).

That aside, I would never wish ill health upon another human being, and I do not wish that God would "call him home" as expressed by one of the comments here. Good Lord, how far do you want to fall? If you go there, then you have "seen the enemy and he is 'us'".

Let history judge this Supreme Court and pray that they don't do too much damage before we have regime change in Washington and can replace some of the aging justices (who are hanging on with all their might) with some more progressive thinkers. Not these idealogues installed by the Cheney/Bush regime.


I probably don't agree with you politically on more than a handful of issues, but that was very well said. Life is too short for people to harbor such vitriol.

Butch: Keep that "vitriol" point in mind when you're ready to hit your "John Kerry" key...

I probably don't agree with you politically on more than a handful of issues, but that was very well said. Life is too short for people to harbor such vitriol.


I probably don't agree with you politically on a thimbleful of issues, but you don't seem to have a "vitriol shortage" yourself. Simply distancing yourself from KISS' extreme position doesn't make you the next Gandhi in my book.

Just somewhat less extreme.

On any day, in any way, I would be happy to be compared to Gandhi even by negative implication. I wouldn't presume so much, however. I don't believe my post was vitriolic in any way.

This court has taken a disturbing shift to the Christian religious right, and if you cannot see the disturbing parallels in the Arab world (i.e. the shift toward Islamic states and the infusion of religion into politics) then I would posit that you simply believe that its OK if we have Judeo-Christian beliefs permeating our federal government, just not any others - Hindi, Islam, Buddhist, pick a name


I didn't know "vitriol" included pointing out objective information....like one's academic grades. It may just be me, but on my "vitriol" meter, wishing death on someone ranks a wee bit higher than an offhanded remark about one's academic achievements.

Some people just don't know when to shut up.

These comments made me suspect, so I had to check, and yes, it is a full moon tonight.

Wouldn't it be ironic, symbolic of the premature end of Karl Rove's plan for generations of single party GOP rule, and terribly tragic of course, if young corporatist Roberts died now when he was supposed to lead an uber-right court for the next 40 years plus?

Especially if old and old-fashioned moderate liberal Stevens makes it to, say, 107, thereby putting in another 20 years on the court and steering it back at least to a sensible center, if not the left wing hey-day of the Warren court?

Don't be smug. The Liberal 4 are decidedly not spring chickens and probably not all that healthy. To hold onto their seats until a Democratic President arrives is a great personal sacrifice on their parts, and by no means a given for the rest of us.

True 'nuff.

the left wing hey-day of the Warren court

Impeach Earl Warren!

In the meantime, you gotta wonder if the political landscape has drifted so badly that some folks don't know their left from their right.

Three scariest words in the English Language:

"Chief Justice Scalia"

Lots of opportunities for silliness here, and it seems that none of them has been passed up.
The Chief Justice has just one vote, like the other "Justices", and so his or her influence beyond that is limited to the assignment of opinions. Scalia is a certifiable wacko, but the idea of his being the chief shouldn't scare Chad much more than the reality of his being on the Court.
It's always a tempting rhetorical tactic in debate to over-react, as Butch does, to the other side's statements. KISS's wish for divine intervention in the composition of the Court is a perfectly reasonable sentiment in a situation where, like this one, there are limited or no remedies for an unscrupulous and unprincipled person who has lied his or her way into an entrenched position of power. KISS, at least, is not advocating violence against anyone -- just a modest favor from above. As Clarence Darrow is quoted as saying, "I never killed a man, but I have read many an obituary with pleasure." Nothing wrong with that.

Let us all hope god calls him home NOW!

Nice..you post at DailyKOS too?

To paraphrase a fine old Jewish prayer:

May G-d keep the Chief Justice -
far away from us!

Seriously, I wish him the best of health. I also wish the &*@#!*@ wasn't on the Supreme Court, but that's an entirely different matter.

""""This court has taken a disturbing shift to the Christian religious right"""

Well Nancy since all of the conservative Supreme Court Judges are Roman Catholic I think it's a disturbing shift to the Catholic religious right. (Then again Cathlolics ARE Christian aren't they.)

Suppose any of the RC molestation cases would ever get to the Supreme Court?

Greg C

Oh you christians are so unbelievable, Why is wishing this dog his place next to god so wrong? Isn't it all you worshipers desire, a place for which you want to go? So with luck this SOB goes a little quicker and man is saved again. You know, like in jesus. Oh the joy of being a sinner, with morals..unlike today's modern christians.

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