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Saturday, July 28, 2007

They keep the Hood in Hood River

Looks like the constabulary out in the Gorge have been having an interesting summer.

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Well we need to remember That They aren't choir boys However We also need to remind them of the Fish bowl aspect.It Appears to me that The Mint Officer Should have gotten stepped on a little more firmly. He endangered his life and the lives of Other Officers Involved by Giving up the names. He also made a bunch of Defense attorneys Happy cause there will be some cases thrown out.
They Maybe ought to Demote him to Rosie's Raiders in Portland Or The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office

Do they charge their own for abuse of the 9-1-1 reporting system?? A drug task force party ends in a little miscue by a drunken officer who spills his guts to 9-1-1, including his desire for a date. Imagine the substances enjoyed at that party. The task force is now two officer's short of a full donut factory. The only penalty besides resignation from MINT appears to be a "reprimand" in the personnel files up the chain of command.
What about the clear violation of the unauthorized emergency call statute? (ORS 165.570) If this doesn't warrant a violation, I do not know what would.

Guy's an idiot for sure...however, it wasn't a 911 call...it was direct dispactch line...all phone lines (with few exceptions) at dispatch terminals in Oregon PSAPS are recorded and therefore public record.

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