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Monday, July 2, 2007

Sometimes they're half right

Portland's been named a "Fast City." Apparently this is the latest buzz term, replacing "creative class." Please make a note of it.

And leave some room for cream in my decaf.

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Interesting that Chicago and Portland are pictured. I was in Chicago a couple of months ago and noticed similarities to Portland, reading the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Reader on the tax increment financing and its impacts on the old neighborhoods.

It was great for me as a tourist/conference attendee: I stayed in the historic "River North" district, the "Pearl" of Chicago, but knew there had to be more to the story. I was most impressed, I must say, with a "segway" tour of about 25 segway riders assembled outside the Field Musueum of Natural History on a cold April afternoon. Are we doing that here yet?

i'm still looking for those dang creative class members.

Fast, unless you're trying to get from point A to point B

i'm still looking for those dang creative class members.

Just look around, they're everywhere. Usually teens and twenty-somethings asking for change...

I guess it's better than being a half-fast city.

it feels wrong to be posting a comment on this site, however, that article you linked to lacks any credibility due to this quote: "a hip joint like Fort Collins, Colorado, a high-tech hub that's also the microbrew capital of America.". there's no way they could make that comment if they had actually done any research... :)

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