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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reader poll: Another term for Grampy?

Today's Trib says he's told at least one person that he's probably not running. Certainly that's what this guy is banking on. Meanwhile, other Portland commissioner wannabes are sitting on the sidelines awaiting a clear signal, which may be a couple of months away.

What do you think?

Will Portland Mayor Tom Potter run for re-election?
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Comments (13)

compared to what?

"old guy"?

Maybe there's a clue in this odd web search, which led a reader to this blog today. Sorry, friend, no answer to that one here! Readers?

I sure hope not. We need to throw them all out and start over.

Bah! Either Sources Say is just making this stuff up, or his sources are.

The Mayor has not yet decided.

i hope Potter doesn't run again. We need Dave Lister as mayor.

It's funny. The first 15 respondents all said no. But since then, the numbers are 35 no, 16 yes. Are Sam the Tram's minions in here pounding away trying to keep any other mayoral candidates off balance?

Remember, his was voted "best blog" on WW a while back. They know how to vote on the internet.

Sam's blog is funded by all the taxpayers. How nice. He has about three staff members pumping the blog and responding, all at taxpayer expense. Incumbency, how nice?

How about Sam sponsoring a consent item before Council to abolish incumbents using taxpayer funds to sponsor their mailings, blog sites, photo opts, convenient
"townhalls","studies","surveys" as they jocky for their next elections. He sponsored taxpayer funded elections, why not abolish incumbency freebies?

Thanks Jerry! Now we just need to come up with another hundred thousand voters who agree with you.

At what price. Do we really want Sam the Sham or Charlie choo choo Hales as our next mayor. You think things are bad now.

Dave, we equal two and I have another 100 friends who agree. How many can you gather? Make it one of your platforms.

Make that 102.

Weird. The OregonLive blog mentions this blog post.

Our friends at the Trib reported this week that they have it on good authority that Mayor Tom Potter is telling people he's done after one term. But over at Bojack's blog, his wife says otherwise. Here's Bojack's post on the topic and the comments. Look for the one from Karin, as in first lady Karin Hansen.

But I don't see it. Where's Karin's comment here?

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