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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

OMSI debt cancellation may not go through

That controversial raid on weatherization funds to benefit the Portland science museum is drawing some unfavorable scrutiny.

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Whatever they decide to do, OMSI is a valuable resource in this city, and the governor and legislature should make sure to get the $$$ to OMSI to keep it afloat.

There are good jobs going begging in various technical fields. Not everyone needs to grow up to be an "artist" whose day job is barista or bike messenger.

Wait a second, I thought according to the CoP almost all money was earmarked for only certain uses? Sorry, that's line Sam gives us.

I understand OMSI support, but can't he take money from the light rail fund, it's about as related as the weatherization fund to OMSI?

A richman's play station the his kids, screw OMSI.

Prehaps, Oregon's Science and Industries should pay, maybe PGE can kick in some of thier record profits.

"Officer, why should I give the crook 10% of what he tried to steal in the first place?"


I wonder if any of the debt results from OMSI cleaning up a PCB mess they may have inherited in exchange for a tax deductible donation?

The location was an Electrical Transformer Repair Shop for many, many years, wasn't it?

Where unknowing transformer repair techs may have daily splashed in PCB loaded coolant as if it were vegetable oil?

Maybe the folks at Radio Shack have the answers!


Somebody explain.

SB 994 "introduced by Senator Johnson at the request of the Gov". Then months later now that the $1.5m payment authorization has been made 'public' Kulongoski won't sign SB 994?

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