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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Make up your own joke

KGW took a tip from a viewer and checked out the dumpster at a local Chuck E. Cheese. There they found tons of sensitive documents that would have been worth a fortune to an identity thief.

O.k., if that's not a great joke set-up, I've never heard one. Please supply a punch line in the comments below.

Comments (8)

The shredder was tied up processing donkey byproducts for their pizza toppings...

Open the lid of a Chuck E. Cheese dumpster? KGW's braver than I am...


What, no secret Pizza sauce recipes?

If anyone has a "secret" pizza sauce recipe it ain't Chuck E. Cheese.

Open 1 can Chef Boyardee pizza topping. Pour on cardboard. Heat. Serve.

No secret

"Open 1 can Chef Boyardee pizza topping. Pour on cardboard. Heat. Serve."

Hey! No disclosing our trade secrets!

Sam: No one will recognize us here. We can work on the next city-assisted development.

Homer: Sam, you're even better than Vera! Heck, we would have had to meet at PGE Park!

A few hours before the papers were discovered, a man using Mr. Cheese's name obtained some dough from the Portland Development Commission to build condominiums on the site, cutting in a few favored ex-employees for a pizza the action.

Maybe Chuck E. Cheese needs to go through Liberal KGW CH.8'S Dumpster and while there at it check out the Oregon Democratic Party's Dumpster. The Liberal Democratic Party Media, What a Joke!

Seems like that's more a stretch of the topic than a joke.

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