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Friday, July 20, 2007

Have you heard the Wal-Mart flip-flop story yet?

It's making the rounds. I can believe it.

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Yet another reason NOT to purchase anything made in China. I have been consistently avoiding products made in China for the past year-it can be tedious, but it's my little way of protesting HOW things are made in China.
Not just the slip shod and dangerous to health factors, but more importantly the human rights- I really don't want to purchase stuff made by mistreated people.
I also don't shop at Wal-Mart or buy Del Monte products. Call me a wacko if you like, but it's what I can do.
By the way, look at where your frozen vegetables are coming from in Trader Joe's freezer case.....China! Who would want to buy that when we live in a place where there are so many organic options? Like FRESH vegetables?
OK- I will get off my soapbox now.

I love the runaround in the letter from Wal-Mart. "The supplier will be responsible for resolving this claim." I don't think so. Surely there must be a products liability theory out there somewhere. If Wal-Mart wants the supplier to resolve this, let them bring the supplier into the lawsuit this woman ought to file. ASSUMING it's not a complete and utter hoax.

Does Darwin come to mind?

i am the shoe deprt.mgr. at a utah wal mart and we have not had one complant of this happiening to any of our customers. i have been on many site about this as well as the womens own and she did do a latex test on her hands and found the she was indeed allergic to latex. If you do not have a problem with latex our flip flop are now on sale for $1.00 so get them fast.High Priestess Char

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