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Monday, July 2, 2007

Guilty guilty guilty

It's official -- Vladimir Golovan's been found guilty on 10 charges out of 12, according to the O.

You see? The system is working!

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Interestingly, the story says that he was convicted for what he did on the Lucinda Tate campaign, where the city did not sustain a financial loss -- not on the Emilie Boyles campaign, where the loss was substantial. So on the Boyles fraud, the taxpayers would get no satisfaction, either through civil or criminal means.

Anyway, I think his sentence should be to spend six months working as an administrative assistant to Boyles at her Glendive, Montana TV job.

Poor Vladamir. If only he had been a croney (sp?) crony ? of the Bush/Cheney team, like poor Scooter, he would never see the inside of a jail cell. It is unlikely he will anyway as a first time offender.

So I guess you can't lie on the local level, but if you have friends in high places at the federal level, - hey, no problem!

These are felonies, yes? So, he'll be deported? Or is that done anymore?

Will Sam the Sham Adams,as a mayoral candidate, vow that he will not commute Golovan's sentence in a shameful bid to court the Russian religious vote

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