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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Guess who got away

The Oregon prison food scam guy. When it comes to cleaning up public corruption in these parts, you'd have to say the feds are doing a heck of a job.

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Maybe Frank Gable has killed him!

Nice call on bail for the guy, too. Let's see... access to lots of cash... father's in Iran... and he wants to take a trip to Buffalo (hint: Canadian border)? No prob.

What could possibly go wrong? Maybe....just maybe....lunatics guarding the asylum?

It's a technical point but since he hadn't been charged yet he wasn't on bail. He was as free to travel as you or me.

Well, then, WTF were they (or are they) waiting for? Didn't they already get guilty pleas from people who admit bribing him? And aren't decisions on how fast to move on a suspect based in part on flight risk -- just like bail?

I mistakenly assumed that they had filed at least one count on the guy. But I guess they just seized a bunch of his stuff before formally charging him with anything.

They have been onto this guy since January, or longer.

Botched, botched, botched. Or deliberately screwed up.

Botched, botched, botched!

I dunno. This is the Oregon prison system. I wouldn't put anything past anybody.

Check every 1978 Gold Trans Am, he is going to show up.

This is the Oregon prison system. I wouldn't put anything past anybody.

Good point. It would have been interesting to hear his side of the story, as he would have had to have others cooporating with him for somthing this big. Rather than risk that, why not drag your feet bringing charges, and hope he flees?

O.K. the guy has strong ties to Iran. Maybe a dual citizen...who knows. How in the HELL could they possibly not charge him early so they could at least yank his passport? Yep... probably crossed the border near Buffalo, rented a car to cross the border into Canada and then took a flight out of Toronto to Tehran without anyone batting an eyelash. Sounds like the wife got left behind holding the bag...

What really drives me nuts is the apparent complete lack of involvement of the state Department of Justice in busting this obvious corruption in a state agency.

This place is no less crooked than anywhere else.

Any of those things could be true. However, it is quite common in the federal system for there to be pre-indictment negotiations, especially in white collar crimes like this.

Flight risk is certainly taken into consideration but sometimes you're wrong. Him splitting and his wife staying is pretty unusual. These decisions are made for both charged and uncharged people every single day. Very few flee. It's all balanced with what the person of interest has to sell. This one went bad but they don't tend to stay gone for long. The U.S. Marshals are very good at what they do.

The U.S. Marshals are very good at what they do.

Like keeping tabs on this guy?

Sorry, Jack, but the Marshals don't keep tabs on uncharged folks. That was the responsibility of the investigating agency, probably the FBI, although I'm not sure.

Once someone has been arraigned and remanded to Marshal custody then, and only then, do they become the property of the Marshal, so to speak.

Don't be sorry to me. I'm not the one who brought up the marshals.

It's incredible to me that I'm arguing with people about this. This is one of the biggest law enforcement screwups in the history of this state. Major, major, get-your-a*s-fired screwup.

No question and everybody's right to be upset. The Department of Corrections has been a cesspool for a very long time. I suspect that was the delay in the actual charging of this one character. I simply wanted to clear up some misinformation about the very arcane federal system.

Another mystery: Why has there never been a photo of this guy published anywhere?

Stinky, stinky case.

Since he's a native of Iran, if he tried to get back into the United States to face the charges, the border guards would likely refuse him entry.

Is anyone even going to call the U.S. attorney and ask her WTF she thinks went wrong? I guess not.

Looks like his passport was yanked... supposedly.

Ah, and the O had a photo a while back, which KATU picked up.

The O says today that his wife was arrested at her job, but was then released and the judge declined to make her wear an electronic monitoring device. Bye bye...

C'mon guys it's ONLY a million dollars...

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