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Monday, July 2, 2007

Good omen

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no disrespect towards oden who will leave a lasting imprint on the blazers and this city, but i am very surprised buck's number hasn't been retired by now. he was solid player, always did what was asked of him, was a integral part of several championship caliber teams, in the league for 17 years and an all-around good guy. he was also president of the players' assn for a few years. the nets have even retired his number.

I actually think it is good thing that Williams number isn't retired. Yeah he was a great guy, very good player, on good teams and all that, but the bar for retiring numbers has been lowered way too far. The same description of Williams applies to loads of players.

You should reserve retired numbers for all time great, Hall of Famers and guys who are integrally linked to the franchise, a very good player on some good teams who played half his career on another team is really a pretty low bar.

I think Buck deserves to have his number retired. His arrival marked the beginning of the Blazers' serious title run. But I'm glad it hasn't happened, because it gives Oden something great to live up to in Portland.

The incredible thing about Buck Williams is how great he still was as a Blazer even that late in his career. I saw a poster once of him in his early days on the Nets and he could really sky.

Buck Williams. awesome.

also reminds me how much i like the old uniforms.

Buck's number (52) was retired by the Nets, by the way.

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