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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gearing up to bomb Iran

That's what this post would have us believe.

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But it is illegal. It is war crimes.

Troops who obey false and illegitimate orders of LIARS command, are in violation of international treaties and US laws, and those troops are liable for prosecution.

The soldiers sailors and airmen must require legitimacy in the chain of command to them.

Jack, the picture looks like a giant phallus!

Not to me. It's more coprological.

I had a dog that liked that.

"War crimes?" Before what court? Who would make such a finding - the U.N. which has called on Iran to end its uranium enrichment program? You're allowing your bias to cloud your viewpoint.

ahh, history.

The United States helped Iran start its nuclear program back in the 50s.

after the '79 revolution, the program was temporarily disbanded but later restarted.

the US supplied arms to both Iraq and Iran in the Iran-Iraq war. during that time, Iran was an Islamic state.

Iran had been calling for Saddam's overthrow--but the US was his friend and wanted him in power. cue the Rumsfeld-Saddam handshake photo.

many of the chemical weapons used by Iraq against Iran (and the Kurds) were manufactured in and sold by the US.

that's right--we sold Saddam chemical weapons, then saw to it he was hung for using them.

and so on. Iran's got a lot of valid reasons to distrust the US, and a right to act as a soverign state. so far, I haven't seen Iran trying to build forward bases within striking distance of our homeland.

Troops who obey false and illegitimate orders of LIARS command

What is "LIARS command"?

The press release doesn't ring true. A "$2.5 million contract" to do this?

In the Pentagon's budget world you can't get your car washed for $2.5 million, let alone retro-fit a bunch of Stealth planes.

If you've gone to all the trouble to develop a stealth bomber and a huge deep-penetrating bomb, and you think there's even a remote possibility of being ordered to drop such a bomb on a well-defended bunker, you'd have to be some kind of idiot to not make the two pieces of hardware work together.

There's no surprise here.

The paperwork alone for this probably cost taxpayers more than $2.5 million. Maybe it should be "billion"?

Has the article been expunged? There was was a webpage, but no article by the time I got there.

P.S. - Excellent points, all, eco. I'm continually amazed at the abyssmal memory of the US public.

These days when you say, "Oliver North" or "Iranscam", all you get is blank looks.

John Fairplay writes: "War crimes?" Before what court? Who would make such a finding - the U.N. which has called on Iran to end its uranium enrichment program? You're allowing your bias to cloud your viewpoint.

Let's see...That would be the International Court of Justice in The Hague, part of the United Nations, which the of which US was critical in the founding.

Have you ever heard of the Nuremburg Principles? Y'know, those quibbles by which we tried, imprisoned and/or executed members of the Nazi regime following the end of the Second World War? Well, the US was heavily responsible for the development of those, too. By those principles, the entirety Bush administration that is involved in the prosecution of the war and occupation of Iraq is culpable as "war criminals". The thing is, Bushit's papa GHW, removed the US from compulsory participation (maybe they were preparing then to violate all sorts of principles) and Bushit hisself reputedly threatened to bomb The Hague (that's in the sovereign nation of The Netherlands)if any US military personnel were brought to trial by the ICJ.

I guess the US figures what applies to Milosevic doesn't apply to us.

That, in my book, makes the US a hypocritical, criminal, rogue state.

Here in the US, justice means "just us rich and powerful folks."

A command calling offensive invasion, a 'defensive action,' is a LIARS command.

Senate ratified and US signed treaties of international accord, such as the Nuremberg protocols AND the Geneva Conventions AND Human Rights accords, which no executive can singularly countermand by any order, (only Senate action can rescind enforcement), and which: Are the Law of our land, and governing us.

Hence the accuracy and truth of headlines, such as: Accustomed to Their Own Atrocities in Iraq, U.S. Soldiers Have Become Murderers, By Chris Hedges, July 27, 2007. (See also, supporting: www.AdBusters.ORG )

And in the deliberation of evidence, in history's events, as to war crimes and guilts, your own judgment knows this, further blood stains on all hands which complicitly hand over federal taxes: CIA Clandestine Service History, "Overthrow of Premier Mossadeq of Iran, November 1952-August 1953," March 1954, by Dr. Donald Wilber. Wherein, ignorance is not excuse nor absolution, and is in fact, stupid -- a void unseeing of viewpoint, and having NO values; not 'clouded' in mistaken values.

Also pertaining: July 27, 2007, New Evidence Clearly Indicates Pat Tillman Was Executed: "New evidence indicates that Tillman was executed mob-style by his own commanders to prevent his returning to the states and becoming an anti-war icon. "

Also reference: July 27, 2007, Martial Law Threat is Real: Lucky the Military is Breaking Down, by Dave Lindorff, containing: Sidebar: Why US troops should question orders:

That being only one day's writing and reading, and today's discussion. Keep in the body, and politick, or be in the margins.

"New evidence indicates that Tillman was executed mob-style by his own commanders [...]"

Tens, that is a complete load of horsehockey. Did you check your source for validity at all?

The "new evidence" is not new, but it did just become public. It does not "clearly indicate ... execut[ion]", but does raise the possibility that he had been fragged by a comrade. A more in-depth article says lots of other damning stuff about the whole sad incident, but nothing that justifies that headline.

Not a good way to build a reader's trust, dude.

New in the last 24 hours.

Source: Associated Press

Readers untrustworthy in their own sensibilities, undemonstrated in comprehension of information, I really little care what trust in them is built, and when, or what it is built in. Dude.

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