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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cops have a chat with the "Welches" con man

Portland police tell KGW they have confronted David, the "Welches stolen truck" con man, and told him he had better cease his fraudulent activities on the city's streets. Apparently he has told them he was going home and changing his ways.

I hope they didn't actually buy that. But at least, their talking to him is a start.

Keep your eyes peeled, readers. I'm sure he'll be back in business soon.

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unfortunately he told them he was going home to change his ways, but then he asked them if they knew where welches was, his truck had been stolen and he needed money for cab fare.

I like the juxtaposition of the two photos of David. It shows both the surface con and the deeper reality of his life. Hopefully these latest events can be a catalyst for change. Maybe it gives his family and friends an opportunity to step in again.

He reminds me of a tall, well dressed, well groomed man who several years ago in the South Park Blocks near PSU appeared to be talking on a cell phone only to interrupt himself and explain that he had run out of gas, had left his wallet at home, and was on the cell with his wife, but she was unable to come help him out. This was about 9 a.m. Could I help with some gasoline money? I suspected a con, but gave him the benefit of the doubt and five bucks. He "called his wife back" to explain that a gentleman had helped him and she needn't worry about trying to get away.

We walked toward the now former Chevron station on Broadway at Jefferson. I walked in the direction of work but kept an eye on him. He walked through the Chevron lot and around the block back to the Starbuck's where we had met. I followed him and he got back on his cell -- supposedly -- to do the con again.

He saw me, headed for his green Taurus and drove away. Apparently he had a few drops left in the tank. Again, he was well groomed and dressed -- more so than this guy "from Welches." No doubt he was pretty successful even with those who had doubts.

A lot of the people like that downtown have burned bridges with family long ago. And there are so many of them.

What gets into a person's head that they can just cheat and cheat people right to their faces like that ?

It can't be just drugs or booze. I drive half of Portland around when they are just slobbering drunk sometimes, and most of them at least try to get up with a hangover like a normal person, and sober up, and get back to earning an honest living.

Seriously. What is it with the bald-faced cheats of the world ? The big ones, in positions of power, too...how do they live with themselves ?

I saw him at the 'Galaxy Room' on saturday night. He was playing video poker and wearing the same blue shirt as in the picture. I told him that BoJack was after him, and he gave a blank stare. Then I asked him if he got back to Welches okay and he walked out. Pretty funny...

I just got had by this guy in the Arbor Lodge New Seasons parking lot, got home and my friend gave me the news. He told me he would "restore my faith in humanity". Instead he has injured it.

Called the New Seasons, they had already called the cops. He was last seen around the Nite Hawk diner on Lombard.

Here is a new scam I encountered tonight. Near the Holiday Inn Lloyd Center, a middle age man comes up to me looking quite frantic. He wanted to know if I knew where Emanuel Hospital is. He said his wife was in labor at that very moment, that he was staying at the Holiday Inn, and had a cab, but "my stuff is with my wife, so I need $16 for the cab". Being the semi-trusting sort, I told him I didn't have any cash on me, but my car was a block away, and I'd drive him there right now.

Long story short, he said he 'didn't have time to walk to my car' and took off, asking people further down the street.

Watch out for this guy, he was very convincing. Even had a Midwestern accent to go with his story.

The town is currently full of these psychos. Mostly druggies too scared to rob a 7-11.

Don't bother calling the cops -- nobody cares. Don't give them any money. Try real hard not to punch one of them out.

And get used to it. This is Portland for the foreseeable future. Go by streetcar!

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