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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Change of venue

David the "Welches stolen truck" con man, who told police he was giving up his thieving ways, may not be playing on downtown streets any more. But a reader notes that he was seen this morning in North Portland:

Hey there. Just wanted to first say, good for you for bringing everyone's attention to this con artist. I just saw him in North Portland this morning talking to someone. No doubt giving him the usual story. I confronted him and let him know I knew who he was and so did many others. I doubt he has stopped his tricks yet.... Wanted to wish you luck on finding him. If you speak to detectives, let them know he has been spotted over here.
Why am I not surprised?

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I've been getting so many reports of sightings of David in action, I've given up keeping track of them all. But here's an interesting one I received yesterday:

Last Sunday evening about 7 pm my husband and I were driving south on I-5, coming home to Portland, and we stopped at a rest area, I think it's the one just north of Vancouver.

We were getting into our car when the man whose picture is on your website approached my husband to ask for money to help him through some emergency. My dear husband, knowing it might be a con but that he couldn't know for sure, didn't even wait for the man's whole song and dance but just handed him ten dollars. I couldn't help admiring this con man's performance. He was appreciative but not obsequious. I guess the appearance of dignity is essential to this con.

I wonder if the Washington Highway Patrol cares about this?

He just gave my friend's mom the Welches story this afternoon in N Portland. The exact same story—faith in humanity etc.— with the addition of the suggestion that she could go to an ATM to get the money out.

But none of these good liberals will bother to restrain him for a citizens arrest or at least keep him talking while someone else calls the cops. That would require an exercise of force, and we can't have that because gosh how are we all going to live in peace if people have the right to defend themselves? I'm getting all verklempt. Discuss...

I know it would violate Oregon's silly namby-pamby laws, but it sure would be fun to get a video camera, and forcibly drag his butt out to Welches in the back of a pickup truck...

Readers place him on Interstate on Saturday -- corner of Denver, in front of the Alibi, etc. Folks are still giving him money.

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