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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another "Welches stolen truck" con man sighting

A reader writes:

I work downtown in a convenience store, and I saw your guy tonight. He was even wearing the same shirt. (Sun club?) While he looks familiar, I don't recall a particular run-in with him. He took one look at me, said "Oh s**t, you're working," and started to leave. Then he asked for four quarters, and I obliged. He was packing $40-$50 that I saw. He was hanging out with one of the regular crackheads, and they didn't stay out front very long.

Sadly, he is one of many that pull this type of thing on a daily basis... On the east side, most folks of this ilk carry a gas can or a diaper bag, and use that as their prop.

I just wish I could remember why *I* make him nervous...

Happy hunting.

Comments (7)

I hope he buys beer one of these nights, and our reader gets a look at his ID...

If he identifies himself willhe get the reward?

If he really DID go to the police and they took a report, this scammer would have gotten a copy of it. I know from all the other commenters that this guy is a complete fake, but if he DID really have a police report written, anyone who gets hit up by this guy could get his ID (real or fake) off of the report. If he didn't have one, that would be a give away that he was lying! At least I know if *I* had a police report fresh from the police department I would NOT want to lose it!

Maybe DMV could put it's facial recognition equipment to practice on this photo? Just a thought...

Well I saw him too. He is very clean cut and looks like any hard worker. He came into my shop and started in on his "deal". I looked him straight in the face and started laughing. He looked very startled. When I said, "you have to be kidding, don't you read the paper? You are all over it." He shrugged his sholders and walked out. Down the street with not a care in the world...

I saw him DT yesterday as well, dressed EXACTLY like the pic on the left.

I did a double take and semi-stalked him to see what he was gonna do. He wound up at the Schmizza window between Elephants and J Crew (or BR can't remember which one it is).

He pulled out some cash, but there was a guy in front of him ordering. I was waiting to see if he would have the nerve to ht up the guy in front of him in line.

In the end, he just ordered a slice. I didn't know what I should do! I def. did a quick double take and then was in shock. Not sure what confronting him would even consist of. I just kept my distance and checked him out for a few minutes.

Stalker out.

DR, if I were you I would have stepped forward and hit him up with a version of his same old story. ;-)

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