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Sunday, July 22, 2007

A linchpin too tall

There are more fun and games going on in Portland's sister city to the south -- San Diego. Looks like they have an eight-member municipal government ethics commission turning over some rocks these days.

Wonder what would happen if we had one of those up here...

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And... if you still need a laxative after reading that, the mayor's office then commissioned a report for $25,000 that blamed others and exonerated himself and his office. How blatant.
Read more if you care:

That could never happen in Portland.

"That could never happen in Portland", Funniest joke you have told, yet.

Portland has an entire agency with 230 employees and a $250 million budget writing reports, making excuses and exonerating it's elected officials.

It's called the Portland Development Commission.
With our Oregonian newspaper doing the same for the electeds, as demonstrated by today's obscene editorial exonerating officials for the failed Cascade Station plan, there's little chance of anything but more San Diego-like messes here in river city.

Did I mention that I'm happy to spend my S.D. municipal pension here in the "Beaver State"?

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