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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The game they invented for him

Sports leagues do dumb things sometimes. But honoring this guy tonight is not one of them.

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Willie Mays will forever be in the conversation of who were the best ballplayers to ever play the game.

If the article you link to is accurate (unlikely, being the NYT), it strikes me he has one record that simply cannot be broken:

Quote: "Mays played in 24 All-Star Games in his 22 major league seasons...."

How did he do that?

From 1959-1962, they played two all-star games in each of those years. So yeah, the NYT was right again.

Willie Mays is one of my sports heros. I saw him play at the Polo Grounds in New York as a small boy; and was thrilled when we moved to San Francisco in 1960 and saw him play again in his last few years with the Giants.

He was only 5'11" and weighed only 180 lbs and played in some of the worst hitters parks in the National League and yet 660 home runs. He could hurl his entire body mass into a swing to generate power, which is amazing. Ichiro can do this, as well, but he says if he hit 40 home runs a year, his batting average would be .220. Mays hit .302 over his career.

Mays is the standard against which all great players must be measured. The best thing, though, is that he truly loved to play baseball.

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