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Monday, June 11, 2007

Working hot

Whenever we need something electrical done around our place, we call Red's Electric. They're great.

Today there was a fire in their building over near Six Corners on Southeast Division. It sounds as though they can shoulder on, but I'm sure at great inconvenience. Here's hoping they're right as rain again soon.

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Did we lose a corner?

Please don't tell me the source was electrical. I like Red's, too.

It's not one of the corners; it's about a block away, on Clinton. In Dufayland.

So that is what caused the Power of Two and The NewsChannel to ruin our quiet evening at home in the backyard with their helicopters hovering overhead.

If Randy Leonard wants to do soemthing to make life better for those of us who choose to pay the freight economically and in other ways to live in the central city area, perhaps he can do something about these airborne menaces.

I mean, is it really necessary to burn up jet fuel just to show us what a buuilding fire/traffic jam/navy ship leaving looks like??

Grammar police citation, Jack: hope you can "soldier on" so burdened.

So what's in the smaller box to the right of your main circuit panel? Did you opt for the whole house surge protection that PGE offers for $269? It seems like a pretty good deal, especially if you have squirrels in your neighborhood that might like the warmth of a power transformer...

That's one of two ground fault interrupters for the hot tub. Red's also installed a surge protector for the whole box; it sits where a couple of the circuit breakers would go.

is it really necessary to burn up jet fuel just to show us what a buuilding fire/traffic jam/navy ship leaving looks like??


Ya' know, in that over-the-top pot-grow raid, botched by excess SWAT force, when Officer Wiebel was killed, LIARS Liarson had been converging private vehicles to the street coordinates, dangerously (and lethally) hyping sensationalism, because LIARS watched the TV-copter footage in his bunker studio and relayed voice instructions straight into car dashboard radios. LIVE, as they say, except one officer got dead.

Subsequently, Portland government (Katz?) negotiated willing agreement to be enforced against media coverage of live, in-progress, police and emergency actions. The agreed requirements especially controlled TV-copter coverage, and became known as the LIARS Liarson media muzzle -- that choppers stay above 5000(?) ft. altitude, back 3(?) miles, no live video but only tape delayed, and some other demerits.

Seems like that was circa 1996. LIARS is still the loser liability of all media in this town. Whatever happened to the media handcuffs that his bad judgment constrained all his colleagues to suffer by?

Speaking of bad judgment on a completely different (off) topic, but here as an exclusive for bojack, from my fecundly nefarious mind for defacing stupid political bumperstickers, (one rule: only subtractive; deface by removing or covering letters), all 'those signs' reveal the true imprecation of their exhibitor if you deface the 'T' and 'r' and read it: Support Our __oops.

Uh, no. For 'oops,' Bush-Cheney go to prison, just like everyone else caught in criminal act ... "oops."

Please try to remain even close to the topic? Thanks.

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