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Saturday, June 16, 2007

We're famous the world over

The Times had a story in its business section yesterday that read almost like an opinion piece. The author was David Cay Johnston, a Times reporter well known as an authority on taxation. The piece took state and local governments to task over tax subsidies for development projects that reward people who have already piled up tons of dough, with very little return to the public for its money. Small-town airports seem to be a particular magnet for this sort of abuse.

Johnston's case in point? Bandon, Oregon.

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Maybe Senator Stevens, Alaska, in in on it?
Absolutely obscene. You should see the politicols congratulating themselves over this one...I have. In the name of economic deveopment anything stupid usually happens. Sadly the citizens eat it up, in Rome it was lead in the wine...wonder what today's reason is?

The golf course seems to be attracting a national audience of affluent golfers.

Don't you think we need to give them a place to land the G-V's and 737's?

I don't golf, but I would much rather see gummint piss off money attracting wealthy tourists than (as in the case of the Oregon Convention Center) the American Association of Woodturners or Unitarian Universalists General Assembly.

Problem is: They take it with them..not much left for the peons, known as the working poor.


You could land the G5 there, but I guess you'd have to truck it over to Medford or Klamath Falls in pieces and put it back together to get it airborne again.

You sound like a pilot (I'm only certified in gliders)...That said, the G550 brochure boasts a 3,500 foot takeoff capability (with 8 passengers and full fuel load).

You are correct about the "older" G-V...It requires 5,200 feet.

I believe the point of runway improvement & lengthening is to accomodate larger aircraft.

$31 million? Haaa, Thats chump change. Brandon really should look to Portland if it wants to blow away some cash.

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