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Monday, June 25, 2007

Welcome to New Jersey

A right-wing corporate guy starts throwing contributions at a lefty congressman like Peter DeFazio, and then all of a sudden the guy's competitors get jobbed out of a decent chance to bid on a juicy government contract to spend federal money. Please, U.S. Attorney Karen Immergut -- stay sound asleep! There's nothing of any interest to you in today's paper.

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Reminds me of Bechtel's no-bid sweetheart deal to build the Airport Max line. And who says there's no good old-fashioned corruption in Oregon politics?

"The $4 million deal was loose change in a $286 billion transportation bill, and officials at the Federal Transit Administration say the company's bid was handled legally. "

Beware listening to The O when they run these kind of stories: "everything was done legally, but..." As we've discovered on the Betsy Johnson story, there often turns out to be no there, there.

And besides, it seems clear from the article that DeFazio wanted the company to have the gig before the fundraising event was held. He'd already given the quid before getting the quo, so to speak.

You want to obscure the facts about our corrupt politicians? Do it on your own blog. I'll take Ryan Frank and Nigel Jaquiss's opinion over yours any day.

If you think this is bad, (Dept. of Transportation contract), you should hear the story of how Oregon Iron Works got their 'steathboat' (DoD) contract.

I'm curious, Jack, since you are a lawyer and I am not, what do you find to be prosecutable here?

Also, other than the obvious Congressional skullduggery, what do you see to be the harm? Assuming that the money was going to be spent somewhere, is it better to have been spent in Pennsylvania or in the Czech Republic? It seems to be that if Defazio can outmaneuver both Spector and Santorum, good for him.

Sure, break all the rules, as long as it benefits your constituent/campaign contributor.

I'm reminded of a line from Butch Cassidy: Rules! In a knife fight?

I certainly understand the outrage about the game that's being played. But the game is being played. I just don't understand the call for prosecution for our guy outplaying a couple of guys from Pennsylvania.

I'm not calling for prosecution, necessarily. I'm calling for some indication of the slightest degree of interest. But there never is any.

With the state of affairs we have today nobody, especially a short-term US Attorney, is going to poke that bear.

poke that bear

On the contrary: DeFazio is a Democrat and hence vulnerable to Justice Department inquiry at this point in time. Cheered as I am to see someone in the US entering the exploding market for streetcars, I think public funds should be handled somewhat differently than through earmarks. It's corrupt, and none the less so because it is commonplace.

how sad.

As we've discovered on the Betsy Johnson story, there often turns out to be no there, there.

So...Betsy Johnson didn't profit from her purchase --and flip-- of that property?

That's right, Frank, Betsy's as pure as the driven snow. Ignore what Nigel Jaquiss is telling you -- go with "Torrid Joe."

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