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Monday, June 18, 2007

War -- what is it good for?

Absolutely nothin'.

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Seems like it was pretty good for gettin' rid of Hitler.

Gee whiz folks, Iraq/Afganistan it's the best and hottest war we currently have. Until a better one comes along why not just get behind this one and maybe try to win? A novel idea for Democrats. Maybe in 2008, if the Dems win, they can start their one them selves and then set the U.S. up to loose their war.

The author of the article displays a distinct anti-American bias. How can he be sure the children were killed in the firefight by the Americans?

Were the radicals armed simply with bad body odor and harsh language? Or were they using, or attempting to use lethal force against our, or Iraqi government forces. It makes a difference.

Innocents are always caught in the crossfire in armed conflict. It is the nature of war.

Repeating the enemy's propaganda is contrary to the interests of our country.

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