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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Viva la Powers

A while back I complained (on other blogs, mostly) that the Portland school administrators were really bungling their handling of the peaceful and poignant peace sign planting by the senior class at Wilson High School.

But compared with their counterparts up north, the Portland schoolhouse bureaucrats look like geniuses. Here's a kid serving a 10-day suspension for using a high school's computers to download materials to publish in an underground student newspaper. Not pornography, not hate speech, not illegal content -- just stuff. And a creative writing teacher has been put on paid administrative leave for letting students do it. The kids are marching around with black armbands, the whole bit.

"The boy said district administrators put together a binder with screen shots -- captured images of the school computer screen -- documenting what he had done." In this day and age, the vice principals don't have anything better to do? I don't use the word "goons" too often, but in this case, it's appropriate.

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