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Monday, June 25, 2007

The hits just keep on coming

First the Blazer draft pick, now this.

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As a yellow-blooded Duck, it pains me to say... Congrats, Beavs, that was pretty amazing. Don't know if there is a better coach in the NCAA than Casey. Reloading at nearly every position and STILL repeating?? Barely making it in to the postseason, then completely dominating everyone?

I've always been convinced there are many 'great' coaches that have gotten by on appearances and have benefited from circumstance. But has there ever been a better piece of tangible evidence to support thrusting someone like Casey into 'great' status?

Duck fan here too...but Congrats, Beavers!

I cant believe Portland isnt throwing a celebration for the Champions. Shameful.

I just heard OSU Athletic Director Bob De Carolis on the radio. According to him most of the kids are playing sumer ball and are already late reporting. OSU supposedly looked for a place to hold a rally in Portland but couldn't find one.

Greg C

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