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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The archbishop says he's sorry

But if he were really that sorry, he'd release the rest of the secret files that show how outrageously, unspeakably guilty his predecessors as archbishop of Portland were of covering up child sex abuse by priests. Keep apologizing and praying for "healing" if you like, Archbishop, but get on with doing something to make healing happen. Release the rest of the documents, as you agreed in court, today. Stop stonewalling.

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Ain't gonna happen when one of his sleazy predecessors is now the number two or three guy in Vatican City (Levada).

Crane is quoted in the article as saying:
"You still have members of the clergy in Portland that live as retired priests with no defrocking taking place," he said. "They collect their retirements and are still very much a part of the church."

Hilsy is correct when he says: "Ain't gonna happen..."

The problem lies with both the perps, as well as the enablers. The crime, as well as the coverup. Addressing one, and hiding the other is also just plain wrong. Vlazny is part of the latter, which is equally culpable.


At this point, given the public focus on the tactics being employed by the archdiocese, the piecemeal releases of the documents will not keep us from eventually putting the whole story together - we're not going to forget about it. What it can do is temporarily protect the guilty that may still be in positions of power, until a plan B is put together. One can only imagine how many of the hierarchy this is going to affect, given the holes in what has been released to date.

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