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Monday, June 25, 2007

So what is Kate Brown up to?

I'm guessing she'll be the next Oregon Secretary of State.

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I never liked her and she always scared me - now I'm even more scared. Hardly Matters has been pretty much a place holder, not what I would like to see but compared to this ... Like going from the frying pan into the fire - thanks for disturbing my dinner.

She's not going to be attorney general, I don't think. That one's going to Greg Macpherson, or maybe that young upstart John Kroger... I'm thinking Bradbury's current job.

I'd be pleased to see her run for SOS. I hope Kroger does decide to go for AG too. It's far too early for me to commit to candidates for either race, but I'm certainly glad that we (might) have choices.

Professor, that does presume that she'll defeat Brad Avakian, Ryan Deckert, Rick Metsger, Ben Westlund and Dave Hunt in the primary. And it also assumes that she can best the better of Jason Atkinson, Bruce Starr and Larry George in the General (not to mention a field of also-rans in the Constitution, Green, Libertarian and newly-formed Independent Parties).

I think that both are fair, reasoned assumptions. Assuming, of course, that she doesn't run for Lieutenant Governor.

How about kate Brown for dog catcher. I can't stand this woman.

No, I wouldn't want to do that to a dog. Despite the glowing praise she gets from friends of mine and the editorialists at the O, my impression is that she is a narrow-minded, mean-spirited, politically correct nothing(set up a gadfly as a stalker), which is probably why she is on her way up in the machine.

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