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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Religious mystery explained

At first I couldn't believe that this story was real. But then I realized that, of course, Fireman Randy's vacationing in Rome, and after watching him drive, the Pope figured that the situation was an emergency.

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Um, looks more like Venice. Just as well, the canal speeds are lower than Rome, where I've driven.

The photo's from Venice, but if you read his comment, he's in Rome.


Um. I dunno what you guys are seeing, but the photo looks to me like St. Peters Square, which at the time I visited it was in the Vatican. Good scoop on Jon Stewart here in any case -- this story was a featured bit on his show tonight. So . . . what would Moses drive?

I get it now. It's the Randy photo that's from Venice, of course. D'oh.

In my comment on the other piece I signed it

"Randy Leonardo (when in Rome, or in my case, when in Assisi...)"

In fact, "Papa" was here (in Assisi) on Sunday. The entire region was overwhelmed with police and whatever the Papal version of the secret service is.

As far as the driving habits of the locals, it certainly will require divine intervention to get the drivers here to mellow out. I really have never seen anything like it.

My best to Saint Francis!

We visited his tomb today. Although we were sure he would not approve, the Church he is entombed within is nothing short of majestic.

We also went up into the hills above Assisi where he would hike up to pray in a very small, humble chapel and in wonderful groves carved into the hill side. Very beautiful. Very inspiring.

You wonder what he would say if he could speak to us about the world we live in today.

He would say, "Give unto Ceaser what is Ceaser." Then Sam would smile.

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