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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Now, there's something I don't drink

Our state rep, Jackie Dingfelder, is always sending out newsletters. Her latest has an interesting line in it: "On the same day, June 7th, Governor Kulongoski also signed into law, SB 707, the expansion of Oregon's bottle bill. SB 707 adds water and water-flavored beverages to the types of beverage containers covered under Oregon's bottle bill."

I can see how the water bottles are a big deal. But I don't think there's much call for "water-flavored beverages" in these parts.

Comments (4)

It's called Bud Light

Rim shot! Good one.

Reminds me of the Oregon legislator who complained about people not knowing the difference between half a million and 500,000.

I don't drink anything stronger than pop. Of course, pop, he drinks anything.

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