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Friday, June 8, 2007

More on the Avandia mess

In response to yesterday's post on the spin advertising currently being published by the makers of the controversial diabetes drug Avandia, a reader writes:

Friday night I was checking out the Jimmy Kimmel show on ABC. It starts at midnight and is aimed squarely at the old post-midnight Letterman college crowd. One of the ads they showed was for Avandia, I think. It went on FOREVER. Well over 60 seconds.

I remember sitting there watching it and wondering, "Who in the hell
are these people talking to?" There's NO WAY the ad was aimed at the
18-25 crowd who was watching the show. It was an ad that belonged on
Matlock. As it kept going it began to dawn on me. They're showing
this thing late at night on a show their target demo doesn't watch
because they're trying to hide something. They're going to go back to
the FDA and say they showed this ad X-number of times during a given
calendar period in order to get the word out about the potential
risks. Fascinating. Technically they showed the ad, but everyone
watching it was baked out of their heads, and those who *should* have
been watching it were peacefully dreaming of the next day's early-bird


If the reader has it right, it is crafty indeed.

UPDATE, 9:30 a.m.: Another reader responds, "I understand what the reader was getting at, but I hope he/she knows that the 'Matlock crowd' arent the only ones who get diabetes."

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