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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Going all out, every time

Happy birthday to Jeff Beck.

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Jeff Beck is awesome...and, indeed, Happy Birthday!

(But what about that drummer, too. Why are drummers always the also-rans? Ginger Baker drove Cream as much as Eric Clapton!)

(Full disclosure: my brother, and son, are both professional musicians...and drummers. I started it all playing the drum in my Sea Scouts marching band at age ten.)

Anyway...Happy Birthday Jeff Beck!

Jack, you rule! You listen to Jeff Beck, which makes you more musically competent than a large majority of Portlanders. My hat is off -- Beck's one of the tastiest.

And Frank, that drummer is Simon Phillips, an absolute drumming phenom and one of my idols (I'm a drummer, too) -- you can hear him on Beck's There and Back album.

Simon Phillips started doing major label recording sessions when he was 16. He's played with The Who, Jack Bruce, Gary Moore, Phil Manzanera, Mick Jagger, Nick Kershaw and Stanley Clarke. He even played on one of Judas Priests' earlier albums.

He currently plays with Toto -- who, believe it or not, still packs 'em in outside the states.

Beck's There and Back album

Thanks, Chris. That album's now on my "gotta get it" list.

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