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Monday, June 18, 2007

Another senior prank gone bad

This one seems a little less innocent than flowers in a peace sign.

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Well, charges of "placing a false bomb" (a felony) seems a little hard-handed. Seriously, alarm clocks.

Everybody — and I mean everybody — is watching too much television.

Geez. I guess I better go around the office and throw out all the false bombs we've placed on the walls. Not to mention thowing out that false bomb at home that wakes me up every morning.

Being on time is overrated anyway.

It's sad to think these students may actually have a felony on their record for this. I can understand the worry, clearing the school, etc. but actually charging the students?

"Not to mention thowing out that false bomb at home that wakes me up every morning."

Or the false bombs at the end of almost everybody's left arm.

I just have a big problem punishing students who do a reasonable prank that does zero property damage, only because some adults (who show up 1-2 hours after the alarm goes off??) got scared when they saw the alarm clocks.

The administration knew (or should have known) there would be pranks at the end of school. The admin knew they lost keys a year ago, so their security was compromised... it is good that some disgruntled student did not get ahold of those lost keys and do some real damage. Which adult get's punished for that mistake?

Think about the prank.... a bunch of alarm clocks going off during class time.. maybe a fine for noise polution. Four years in jail, and a felony, for that?


What was with the duct-tape? That made them look a little suspicious dontcha think?

I do believe they went overboard though. You would think that the "placing a false bomb" charge wouldnt pass the smell test with the DA when they tried to show intent.

Before 9/11, this student would have been able to act and everyone would have taken it in good humor. Now, not so much. But many people - such as most of those who commented above - are beginning to forget.

"But many people - such as most of those who commented above - are beginning to forget."

I didn't forget. I'm just not still terrorized by the event.

Every time we overreact to a prank and get all scared over nothing much, we hand the terrorists another victory. Charge kids with felonies because of some clocks? Bring Boston to a halt because of some things that have blinky lights?

I tell ya, the ghost of Mohammed Atta laughs at us each time we shoot ourselves in the foot with our weapons of mass stupidity.

Please, let's take NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's advice: "There are lots of threats to you in the world. There's the threat of a heart attack for genetic reasons. You can't sit there and worry about everything. Get a life."

Sounds like a case of stupid school administrator-itis to me. Do these people think anymore, or just react?

So they're scared (and unreasonably so, in my view) so they charge the kids with a felony?

Crap like this is why people homeschool.

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