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Friday, June 1, 2007

America the Pathetic

Sad beyond words. And we keep at it.

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Far less pathetic to quit and run home with our tails between our legs, leaving the Iraqis who supported us to whatever fate al Sadr intends. 3000 deaths? How about 300,000? But hey, they're only Iraqis.

I guess you don't have to "Support the Troops" when they're dead.

But hey, they're only Iraqis.

Bush's bungling has killed more of them than Saddam would have. And wait 'til the real civil war starts.

We never should have invaded Iraq.

We should get out of there as quickly as possible.

Opposed to which, there is a splinter faction of disproportionate noise-makings by bully-all blockheads -- LIARS Larson and the illiterate audience who must, (like preschoolers), listen up as their news source because they can't read, such as, (for as long as this link stays in operation), inbreeding a thick-headed thicket of anti-scholastic dropouts in the remote 'hoots and hollers' down the Valley, HERE, shamefully calling for outlawed vigilante lynch mobs, as "we should take 10 imprisoned insurgents up in a helicopter and dump them into the Persian Gulf...."

Tenska whatever, you seem to use just about any pretext to go off on Lars Larson and anyone who agrees with him on any issue. One could describe your rants as monomaniacal at times. Is it an ideological thing, a desire to debase the discussion with overwrought language or, have you had personal experience with Larson's "lies" and the "down valley" residents that you are so contemptuous of? If it's the latter, how about some examples to back up your opinion.

By the way, if you ever happen to travel to the remote "hoots and hollers" south of Portland (Tualatin?) the valley actually increases in elevation - ie. it's "up". You might even find some folks there that wear shoes and have been to school.

Tenskwat is a:

-disproportionate noise-making
-bully-all blockhead
-can't read
-inbreeding thick-headed thicket
-anti-scholastic dropout

...who posted the longest and most stupid single run on sentence I have ever read on this blog.

But the idiot does provide me a small amount of entertainment.

Next week when the comments are disabled, I will miss everyone's comments except for Tenskwat's.


But, Tenskwatawa does have a very valid point about Larson and his "listeners" who are a very scary and ignorant bunch.

If someone were to point to one group of people that hold the state of Oregon back, I think it is Lars and his idiots...not the "liberal politicians."

Hairily speaking of 'hoots and hollers,' Ozarkian for 'haunts and hollows' ... LIARS? LIARS, izzat you? Such a charmer. Go on now, if the shoe wears to a fit, throw it. Stand by your liar Bush, the bubble is thicker and darker there.

Hang ups on people's other opinions sounds like some of those anti-scholastic voices commenting under the unlawful letter (at the link) inciting criminal disorder, uh, that is, murder. [Oops. Here was to be a quote of comments on the Albany Democrat-Herald website - democratherald(dot)COM - however, the LINK is bolluxed, a frequent condition. If we can imagine, some comments, in effect say: 'I have no time for, nor interest in, going to the LINKS provided and discovering news and information which has been suppressed in the massmind media; my God hates Iraqis, my mind's made up, don't bother me with the facts -- it's a liberal trick.'] Hang ups on people's other opinions sounds like LIARS Larson.

RonaldM: Fair respect, to be brief: My problem, with LIARS Bushies and LIARS Larson, and the inhuman, injust commercialism they sell their soul to for mammon; my problem is my fellow citizens' head-in-the-sand self-defeating attitude, willful ignorance, (pretending it's bliss?), which looks away, personally expecting to get away, from the totalitarian fascism LIARS spreads. Fellow Americans who are not outraged are not paying attention. What part of unconstitutional treason don't we understand?

I confront LIARS Larson here because he promotes Bojack(dot)ORG as his favorite of a like-minded blog, driving traffic of LIARS air audience here, and essentially expropriating Jack's decent civic participation as LIARS' own, which is fraudulent misrepresentation and malevolently unfair to Jack. Denying to answer as himself and for what he understands, the anti-communitarian, uncivil, bigotted, racist, fascist LIARS adopts the deceitful camouflage, (in selective instances of Jack's viewpoints where LIARS can capitalize), in claiming he is like, and as good as, Jack, whereas the truth is LIARS Larson is NOT like, NOR as civically responsible as, Jack B. and it is an insult to Jack every time LIARS makes comparison. So my expose of LIARS Larson is here to greet the duped dopes coming here following LIARS orders.

And, gawddam, there seems to be a dirty dozen of them, as many times as 'offended' indignant voices here pick on me for picking on LIARS, sounding in his defense and their own enraptness of him. But LIARS Larson is a fearmongering LIAR in the public airwaves indoctrinating the retarded political (non)sense of an autocratic, totalitarian, violence-inciting fascist. Which is the style of a monarch 'by divine right,' which is to say supremacist, claiming to be born better than you or me. You and me. His voice is better than ours in a microphone, sounding more pleasant, even stentorian, distinguished, if not authoritative, however that inborn throat 'betterness' is not transferrable to the disquality of his brain processes -- his uninformed brain lies to him, and he speaks the lies melodically, hypnotically, convincing the dull-witted by broadcasting's wireless 'magic.' Which proponent deserves to be picked on, and defamed, and correctively imprisoned for rehabilitation -- you know, he struts at-large among us, armed, with an itchy trigger finger for someone to dare confront and threaten his sociopathically sick worldview.

In not returning the compliment, we don't see Jack, here, claiming to be like LIARS. If anything, as I read it, Jack is embarrassed by LIARS promotion, yet too civil to bar it. I urge Jack to refute it, and disdain it, and to express moreover the harm LIARS does to Bojack's reputation and the disenfranchisement LIARS civic slur does to our community. Jack doesn't say such things, but has let me say them to whatever extent he feels to allow, (and at times I may have oversaid what he can allow, he has not let me say it here).

So, on LIARS, framed in the misbegotten multiple-choice approach to life, and our collective cultural, societal Spirit, of '76: 'is it: A. an ideological thing, B. a desire to debase the discussion, or C. personal experience with Larson's "lies"?' It is: D. all of the above. Which part do you not feel?

Since this 'in brief' is too long, already, let me skate over the rest, except saying I am not contemptuous of residents for their residence.

Creepy! Time to either cut back on the internet availability in the wards or double the meds!

RonaldM- You just can't face the truth about the racist, ignorant Lars Larson can you? Instead you just dismiss a valid post by Tenskwatawa by joking about the mentally ill...

If it was totally up to you, Lars, and the Bushies this planet will not be around for much longer...but thank god most people are seeing through the ignorance.


ps- The only way to TRUELY support the troops is to end the war and go home NOW!

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