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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Will wins Survivor immunity!

City Housing Director Will White was mentioned in this article by Nigel Jaquiss today. And so he'll have immunity on Survivor: Portland Bureaucracy tomorrow. Now, all of you, back to camp...

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Holy cow, when does it ever end?? YET ANOTHER PDC stinker. Randy Leonard, does this one irk you as much as the Downtown Negative Appraisal did? I sure hope so.

And are there really so few movers and shakers in this town that we have to keep witnessing them jumping from gov't agency to private developer, with them spouting "I was careful to avoid a conflict of interest" and "It was all within PDC guidelines" as they make the move to the private sector?

Eeeeee-nough already!

The Blomgren thing is a classic Goldschmidt Crew move. "Everybody at the Arlington Club thought there was nothing wrong with it."

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