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Friday, May 4, 2007

Survivor Portland Bureaucracy: Day 4

Just as the lovable Randy Gragg was announcing that he's leaving The Oregonian, one of his favorite people, Portland Planning Bureau Director Gil Kelley, was being voted off the island here on Survivor Portland City Hall: Bureaucracy Edition. Apparently Gil's path to success as the Ultimate Survivor was blocked by a wall of 30-story condo towers. Once again, the verdict of the Tribal Council was clear, and whether he planned for it or not, Gil must leave the island immediately. He is instructed to return to the Gerding Edlen trailer for redeployment as infill on their staff of governmental skid-greasers.

That leaves 14 city bureau chiefs still in the running for the title. None of the players was mentioned by Nigel Jaquiss, Phil Stanford, or Gragg in yesterday's media, and so no one has immunity today.

Which brings us to Tribal Council No. 4, where we could finally have a close one. Readers, it's time to vote another one of the city bureau directors out of the picture. Do it for any reason, or for no reason, but do it just once a day, please. We'll keep at this, every city workday, until only one bureaucrat survives. The balloting for this round will close overnight tonight, and we'll resume the game Monday morning.

As always, photos of the entire cast (except one camera-shy member), and links to each of their bureaus, are here. Good luck to all the remaining players:

Godspeed, Gil. Now it's Day 4 on Survivor: Bureaucracy. Who should be the next city bureau chief to leave the island?
Amalia - Office of Neighborhood Involvement Director Amalia Alarcon
Chief Dave - Fire Chief Dave Sprando
Water Dave - Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff
Dean - Environmental Services Bureau Director Dean Marriott
Eloise - Regional Arts and Culture Council Director Eloise Damrosch
Ken - Interim Chief Administrative Officer Ken Rust
Linda - City Attorney Linda Meng
Lisa - Emergency Communications Bureau Director Lisa Turley
Rosie - Police Chief Rosie Sizer
Revenue Sue - Revenue Bureau Director Sue Klobertanz
Transportation Sue - Office of Transportation Director Sue Keil
Sustainable Susan - Office of Sustainable Development Director Susan Anderson
Will - Housing and Community Development Bureau Director William White
Yvonne - Human Resources Director Yvonne Deckard
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Comments (7)

Remember folks it is your HR that facilitates all the people you are having to vote off. I have a friend who used to work there and I told her Zari was the first one they voted off, she just laughed and said don't they know she lives with her immunity idol in the West Hills. The first one voted off by the tribe, was put in place by the smaller tribe of the Parks Board appointed by the Scone and blessed by Yvonne. And the legacy of "developer love" was assured by hiring of Grimwad, the joke of a hire as finance manager that got arrested before her six months was up, where folks forgot to check references to find this person was stalking her former coworkers. HR blessed the reorganization that got rid of a lot of folks that cared about Parks and refused to do what they felt was ethicly questionable. HR didn't defend them, but facilitated their removal. I say Yvonne goes next.

I do believe that it is Gil Kelley's mother who started all of the hoopala against NW Couch Street becoming a one way street (as part of the Burnside couplet plan). She moved into her condo with full disclosure of the plan, but then changed her mind and started whining. And since sonny boy is Planning Bureau Honcho- voila! Nepotism at it's best.

Speed bump city! Susan Keil goes.

Today's trivia question: How many "traffic calming devices" (that's speed bumps, etc.) does the city of Portland own?

I think Don must be one of those shovel leaners in the maintenance department that Keil canned.

Don was formerly a volunteer firefighter outside Portland. He has never worked for the City.

PDOT installs speed bumps. Many other city bureaus are speed bumps.

Many other city bureaus are speed bumps

Well, Jack, is that necessarily a bad thing?

It's always important to remember --well, to my thinking, anyway-- that democracy and citizen participation are not the most efficient ways to get things done. Sometimes the process --like speed bumps-- slows things down.

Some recent city projects could've used a few speed bumps along the way. And maybe even a stop sign or two.

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